The Story Of Three

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Happy Saturday! How are you spending your wonderful weekend?

Looking at the calendar today, I realized that in 14 days is Christmas Eve. My Dad and Step Mother fly in that day, I get to spend time with my wonderful famliy Christmas Eve and of course Christmas Day. I love my family so much, we have a very large family and I enjoy our get togethers very much!

I also realized while looking at the calendar today that my oldest, my Big Guy, will be 6 years old in 5 weeks. Wow! I cant believe how big he is and how very proud of him I am! He is such a blessing to all of us! Also the very special thing about my son's birthday is that he also shares that same day with my husband, yup thats right, they were both born on the 15th. How cool is that?! We will be celebrating my hubby's birthday as well that same weekend!

So that being said, let the party planning begin! I'm super excited!

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