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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy Thursday! How is your week going? Are you in the Christmas Spirit? Can't believe today is December 1st. 24 days till Christmas. WOW! This year has just flown by! Wanted to share some more decorations I worked on at the house yesterday. I am still looking for a star for the top of our tree and I started to hang the outside lights as well and it's exhausting-I had to take a break, so I will do the rest today. :)

 So Cute! It's A Reindeer Magnet For The Fridge! The Kids Will Love it!

Wreath I Made For The Front Door

No, it's not a huge tree, but it's just the right size for our living room :) We have glitter ornaments, ornaments that Christian made at school, ornaments that are printed with the years the kidos were born and ornaments passed down a generation or two!

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Cassie said...

Love all of the decorations!! =D