The Story Of Three

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

   Hope everyone is enjoying the time off with their family and kidos! My Big Guy doesn't go back to school until the 2nd! Hubby had to return to work today, but the time he had off was nice :) I also have Family in town so we have had a very busy weekend! Christian has therapy tomorrow morning and we are so excited that he is enjoying his new services. (I think this is only his 3rd session!) We've also made an appointment for him to see a new ENT in Southlake, to see if he will be needing a 3rd set of tubes or not. Both kidos are growing so fast, they enjoyed Christmas, although once Christian opened one or two presents he wasnt really interested anymore. The people and noise was overwhelming for him as it was but he did fine considering everything :) My Family is a big help with him and everybody understands the stress of Christmas etc. My Princess is saying new words every day and I love to hear her baby babble! She's such a cutie! Her and Brother both have rooms that are overflowing with toys! She is enjoying having Brother to play with since he's out for Winter Break.
Are busyness continues i'm afraid, we have a busy week ahead and then Hubby has a 4 day weekend! Yay!
Hubby & my Big Guy's birthday's are just a few weeks away-yes they share the same birthday! (How Cool is that!?) :) So the planning and reserving has begun, I am going to make Cake Pops this year for the first time and hoping they turn out great! Will make my first batch next week and will share the results!

Do you have any New Year Resolutions? What does 2012 bring to you and your family? I still can't believe this year is almost over!

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