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Friday, December 9, 2011

It's Friday, It's Friday, I'm So Happy It's Friday! :)

15 Days Until Christmas Eve! I'm Super Excited!

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I stopped by Krogers yesterday morning, so I wanted to share my savings :)

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls-$1.88
Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs-$3.69
Kroger Bakery Danish-$1.49
Blueberry Waffles-$1.67
Cinnamon Waffles-$1.67
Tombstone Pizza-$2.99 x2
Kroger Mini Marshmallows-$1.00 x2
Kashi Granola Bars-$3.29
Kellogs Rice Krispie Ceral Big Box (Now Gluten Free)-$1.99
Natural Cheetos Puff-$1.99
Kroger Oatmeal-$1.49

My total savings was $7.11, it's not a huge amount, I didn't have any coupons for this shopping trip, but every little bit I save adds up!
Not bad huh? The higher priced items, like Hot Dogs & Kashi Bars I don't buy very often.
 My oldest takes the Kashi Bars to school for a snack. The Cheetos Puff are all natural, he loves Cheetos, so I am so excited I came across these! & you probably guessed it-I'm making home made rice krispie treats! Yum Yum and more Yum! :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!! :)

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