The Story Of Three

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Just wanted to give a quick shout out-
Be sure to check out Gluten Free Frenzy! She is hosting 25 days of giveaway's-gluten free of course on her blog! :) We buy gluten free snacks & yummy goodies for my oldest, (Who is Autistic) but he is not on the full blown gluten free diet. Although, I do see more and more gluten free items every day. We used to only find gluten free items at Sprouts and such, we can purchase them at Walmart & Krogers know :) We have also cut out alot of products that carry high fructose corn syrup. Theres still lots of great products out there with out all the junk! Be sure to read the labels before it goes in that shopping cart! :)
Anyways, Gluten Free Frenzy has some great snacks and goodies on her 25 days of giveaway's that I'd love to win to share with my Big Guy! :)

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