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Saturday, December 17, 2011

My New Outfit!

So we went to the mall today to pickup my cute boots that I got a great deal on from Sears and I also found this sweater! I will probably wear it Christmas day or somewhere around there, our Christmas Eve, Day & Day after are pretty busy. I love my boots as well, they are comfy, a little dresser than my "snow boots" and have just the right amount of detail. I saw several other pairs I liked in the mall as well, but If I bought them all where would I wear them too? Lol. On a normal day I'm in jeans and my reebok easy tones! :)
Anyways, on to the post-

Here's my boots
& here's my new sweater!

As much as I do Love my jeans, I think I will look for skinny jeans(haha jk) or maybe some black or grey leggings, (but the thicker kind-not the thin tight material) to wear with these boots. I will probably venture out to Ross first and check there, might get another sweater (a longer one to wear with the leggings)or even a sweater dress. :)

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Cassie said...

Awe!! LOVE your new boots and that sweater is ADORABLE!! =D