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Happy New Year-

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Verb Review and Giveaway

A Little About The Company-
Verb was born at Birds Barbershop, the award-winning salons that look and feel nothing like typical salons in Texas’ capital city. Affordable, professional-quality unisex haircuts was what Birds did best, but nobody wanted the expensive hair product on the shelves. Customers still wanted to look good – they just didn’t want to pay as much as their haircut to do so. We went looking for something that cost less, but maintained quality. A product focused on quality over frills, like Birds was. They never found one and created Verb, with everything in the line retail priced at $12. The right price – the honest price for everything you want, and all you don’t.

I Think After Having Kids, I Noticed I Was Loosing Hair More Often But After My Daughter Was Born, I Noticed My Hair Had Really Thinned Out Since High School. I Cut It Regularly & Occasionally Treat Myself To High-lights  But When It Comes To Shampoo, Being The Money Saver Mom That I Am, I Usually Buy Whatever Shampoo/Conditioner I Have A Coupon For (Unless It's A Really Good Price On Sale). I Know It's Horrible, I Probably Change Shampoo Brands At Least Once A Month! 

Another Thing I Noticed Is With Certain Shampoo Brands, My Hair Becomes Oily Throughout The Day. Usually I Shower In The Morning, Blow-Dry & Straighten My Hair, So It's Probably Not At It's Healthiest. I Mean, If I Could Afford Salon Treatment Hair Products To Use Daily, Trust Me, I Would! 

I Was Introduced To Verb Products & After Browsing Their Website & Hearing That The Products Were Carried At ULTA, I Couldn't Wait To Try Them Out! Verb So Kindly Sent Me Hydrating Shampoo & Hydrating Conditioner! 

Verb Products Are Made With No Harmful Parabens & Sulfates, They Are Not Tested On Animals & They Are Created In The USA-In Austin To Be Exact! Their Products Are Color Safe & Are Affordable With Prices Just $12 At ULTA! Want A Better Deal? ULTA Has Verb Products Like The Sculpting Clay & Finishing Polish (To Name Just A Few) -Buy 2 Get 1 Free. 

I Loved Using The Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner On My Hair! Not Only Did It Leave My Hair Smooth, It Protects My Hair Against Heat-Styling (Which I Need So Bad). Both Products Rinsed Out Of My Hair With Ease & They Smell Great As Well! 


Big Thanks To Janessa From Thrifty Nifty Mommy For Sharing Verb With Me, Be Sure To Check Out The Thrifty Nifty Mommy Blogger Network! :)

Buy It: Very Products Are Available At ULTA

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas From My Family To Yours!
Hope You All Have A Wonderful Holiday!



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Friday, December 21, 2012

Juicy Juice Fruitifuls Review and Giveaway

A Little About The Company-
Since 1977, Juicy Juice has endeavored to help parents raise happy, healthy kids by providing them with a wide variety of nutritious juice options. All NESTLÉ® JUICY JUICE® products are made from real fruit juice, providing an excellent source of vitamin C with no added sugars or artificial flavors. JUICY JUICE balances the wholesome goodness of real fruit and a delicious taste that will make your child smile with every glass.
Good Food. Good Life.
Juicy Juice is proud to be a part of the Nestlé USA family of foods. Named one of America's Most Admired Food Companies in Fortune magazine for the 10th consecutive year, Nestlé USA provides quality brands and products that bring flavor to life every day. That's what "Nestlé. Good Food, Good Life" is all about. Nestlé USA is part of Nestlé S.A. in Vevey, Switzerland -- the world's largest food company.

My Children Love Juice, I Mean-Love Love Love Juice! I Couldn't Wait To Share Juicy Juice Fruitifuls With Them, We Have Tried Other Juicy Juice Products Like White Grape Juice In The Past & We Absolutely Love Them!

Janessa From Thrifty Nifty Mommy Shared Juicy Juice Fruitifuls With Me & I'm Glad She Did! These Have Become A Huge Favorite In Our House! They Are Great For My Children To Enjoy With Lunch Or When We Are On Our Way To Therapy! 

Juicy Juice Fruitifuls Contain 35% Less Sugar Than Regular Juice & Have A Full Serving Of Fruit In Every Box! They Contain All Natural Ingredients, No Artificial Sweetners & 100% Daily Value Of Vitamin C. Fruitifuls Are Available In Apple Quench, Punch Splash, Berry Cherry Burst & Orange Strawbana Blast! 



Have Your Children Tried Juicy Juice? What Product Is Their Favorite?

Buy It: Purchase Juicy Juice Products Are Your Local Store Or Online!

Win It: 5 Lucky Winners Will Receive A Coupon For A Free Juice Juice Product!


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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Earth's Best Review and Giveaway

I Am Very Proud To Be Part Of Earth's Best Organic Blogger Program, Not Only Do I Received Healthy Options For My Children But I Honestly Love The Company! If You Browse The Blog, You Will See Other Posts About Earth's Best Organic & They Truly Are A Regular Name Brand We Have In Our Household!

Earth's Best Products Are Certified USDA Organic, Contain No GMO's, They Are Kosher Certified & Made With Whole Grains. From Nurturing Infant Formula To Chlorine Free Diapers & Wipes & Even All Natural Cleaners, Earth's Best Takes Pride In Creating The Best For Your Baby, Family & Household. 

My December Box Contained A Variety Of Healthy Options For My Growing Toddler To Try Out! I Knew She Would Love The New Organic Sweet Potato Cinnamon Pop Snax & The New Organic Fruit & Yogurt Smoothie In Mixed Berry! Little Sister C Did Notice Some Of Her Already Favorite Snacks In The Box, Like Sunny Days Snack Bars In Apple & Organic Letter Of The Day Cookies! 

The Sensitive Wipes Are Super Soft & Are Nice To Have Available As Well, They Are Made With Oat Oil, Shea Butter Lotion & Vitamin E. 




Have You Tried Earth's Best Organic? Which Product Is Your Little Ones Favorite?

Buy It: Purchase Your Own Earth's Best Organic At Your Local Store Or Online!

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Lidia's Favorite Recipes Cookbook Review and Giveaway


I Enjoy Cooking For My Family But Because Of My Picky Eater, I Honestly Don't Do Enough Of It & I Am Always On The Search For New Recipes! So I Was Very Excited When Janessa From Thrifty Nifty Mommy Shared Lidia's Favorite Recipes Book With Me! One Of My Favorite's Is Italian Food & I Couldn't Wait To Introduce My Family To Some New Dishes & Hopefully Some That Will Become Regular Favorites! 

Lidia Bastianich Is One Of The Most Beloved Chefs & Authors In America, This Book Contains 100 Signature & Mouth Watering Dishes Like Fried Mozzarella Skewers & Baked Stuffed Shells. 

After Browsing Through The Cookbook, The Bread & Tomato Salad Caught My Eye As Well As The Marinated Winter Squash. The Salad Would Be A Great Appetizer & Is Made With Hearty Ingredients Like Tomatoes, Virgin Olive Oil & Fresh Basil Leaves. If You Are Hosting A Holiday Dinner Soon, This Would Add Great Flavor & Color To Your Meal! 

The Marinated Winter Squash Was A Meal I Was Certain My Children Would Love! They Love Butternut Squash, It's Made With Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar (Yum!) & More Fresh Basil Leaves! The Winter Squash Takes A Little Bit Longer To Prepare Than The Salad & Is Suggested To Marinate Overnight In The Fridge. Trust Me, You Won't Be Disappointed By These Delicious Recipes! 




Both Of These Dishes Were A Delight To Prepare & I Can't Wait To Try More! 

Buy It: Lidia's Favorite Recipes Has A Price Of $24.95 But It's Currently On Sale At Amazon For $16.47! 

Win It: One Lucky Reader Will Win A Copy!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Kiddidoo Umbrella Review and Giveaway

A Little About The Company-
Kiddidoo™ is comprised of a creative team of people that have been designing and making children’s products for more than 20 years. Experience and knowledge in the business of children’s product lines, has led to the development of this high quality series of rain gear for kids. 
All products are uniquely designed, created and overseen by one of the most respected designers of children products in Belgium. Kids simply love the themes and colors of Kiddidoo products! Currently the team is working on a new series of travel trolleys, kid’s garden tools and much more! So, keep checking our website!

Janessa From Thrifty Nifty Mommy Shared Kiddidoo With Me & I Quickly Fell In Love With Their Adorable Products! Kiddidoo Has A Colorful & Fun Collection Of Rain Boots, Rain Coats, Backpacks, Travel Trolleys & Umbrella's! 


I Was Sent The Butterfly Umbrella For Little Sister C, This Umbrella Is The Perfect Size For Her & Her Little Toddler Hands! It Is Safe & Easy For Her To Open & Close On Her Own & I Don't Have To Worry About It Pinching Her Fingers!

We Haven't Had Any Rain Here In A While, We Had A Few Light Showers Last Week But It Wasn't Enough & I've Been Praying For More! It Wasn't Raining Today When I Took Little Sister C Outside With Her New Umbrella, But We Have Some Rain Headed Our Way Next Week, (Christmas Day To Be Exact)  & I Know This Will Come In Handy! 





Little Sister C Loves This Umbrella So Much That She Has Been Carrying It Around The House All Day! I Might Just Have To Get Her The Matching Rain Boots!! :)

Buy It: Visit Kiddidoo Online To Purchase Your Own & Use Code KID15BU To Take 15% Off! 

Win It: One Lucky Reader Will Win A Kiddidoo Umbrella Of Choice!

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Pajama Pouch Cooper Review and Giveaway

A few members of the Thrifty Nifty Mommy Blogger Network Team recently received the Pajama Pouch to review. Check out what they have to say, then enter to win 1 of 2 being given away!

Megan--Housewife on a Mission

One of the things my daughter loves is all of her pajamas! Almost all of her pajamas are dresses and princess themed.  Another thing my daughter (Halie) loves is stuffed animals, so I knew, as soon as I heard about Pajama Pouch, she would love it! Pajama Pouch is not quite a stuffed animal; actually it's not stuffed until you put your child's pajamas in it! It is though a cute dog named Cooper and he "protects" Halie's pajamas (according to Halie hehe)! I think the concept is cute and Halie really loves it! 

 Front & Back View

Use the Pajama Pouch to hold pajamas in cute pouch that looks like a pillow on their bed during the day.

At night the Pajama Pouch serves as a convenient way for children to find their pajamas when getting read for bed. It can also be used to pack your child's clothes to take to sleep overs!

Cooper has another special feature which is the "Tooth Fairy Pocket". This is a little pocket to put your child's tooth in for when the Tooth Fairy comes to exchange the tooth with money! No more having to dig under your kids' pillow in pitch black to find a little bitty tooth, all while hoping your kid doesn't wake up! Has that every happened to you? I was afraid of that happening before we got our Pajama Pouch.

I like that the back of Cooper is Velcro- easy to open for your child. He's super soft and cuddly too! Cooper is great for either a boy or girl and has a really neat concept to him!



The Pajama Pouch "Cooper" Is Really Cute, He's Soft & Was Instantly A Big Hit With My Children! I Love His Little Pocket In The Front For The Tooth Fairy & Since Big Brother C Has Recently Lost His Third Tooth, That Was The Perfect Place To Put It! 

Cooper Hangs On The End Of The Bed & Even Fits On The Door Knobs! Little Sister C Enjoyed Putting Her Comfy Pajama's In His Pouch In The Back & I Think He Would Be Great To Take Overnight To Grandma's! When It Was Time For Bed, She Told Cooper, "No Barking, It's Night Night Time"-It Was Sooo Cute! 

The Pajama Pouch Will Be Hanging Out Around Our House For A Very Long Time, Considering Both Of My Children Have Many More Tooth Fairy Visits In The Future! :) 


I know that in my house bedtime can be a challenging time of the day. It's the time when we ask our little ones to start unwinding from the excitement of their day and get ready for bed. For us, as adults, bedtime often comes naturally and easily, but for the little ones in our lives, it can be tough. For this reason, we work hard to build routines and stick to them every night, as children have a harder time predicting what is to come next and routines help to alleviate confusion and anxiety.  And a big part of every bedtime routine is changing into our pajamas.  This physical task helps our bodies and minds to transition from day to night.

In my family's situation, it is not always easy to motivate our son (3 years old) to change into his pajamas, as he is acutely aware that bedtime is not far after.  So, when I was offered the opportunity to try out and review the Pajama Pouch, I was thrilled!  Like I said earlier, bedtime can be challenging and I am willing to try anything that will help to make it less so.

Here is some information from their website about the product:

  • Pajama Pouch™ is a fun and functional addition to your child's bedroom!
  • Use the Pajama Pouch™ to hold pajamas in a cute pouch that looks like a pillow on their bed during the day. At night, Pajama Pouch™ serves as a convenient way for children to find their pajamas when getting ready for bed. 
  • The tooth fairy pocket is a great place to hold any baby teeth for the Tooth Fairy!
  • The Pajama Pouch™ is over-sized at 18" high and 15" wide. 

Our review: 
Our Cooper!
As soon as we received Cooper (Pajama Pouch), I took it out of the package and immediately opened up the back and stuffed it with Nicholas' pajamas.  I noticed that it would easily hold 3 or more sets of his pajamas, which is great, since we usually dress him down in our family room and have to run upstairs to get pajamas.
Stuffed with Nicholas' PJs
After stuffing it, I closed it up and showed it to him. He really liked it!  He immediately asked me about it and I showed him that it held his pajamas and that after his bath that night he could pick his pajamas out of the back and put them on.  He was excited by the idea of this and even allowed the Pajama Pouch to sit next to him on the couch while he watched a DVD.  For everyone that doesn't know my son, that's a HUGE compliment for a "toy"!  Nicholas is a pretty picky kid when it comes to stuffed animals, so I was really happy that he was carrying it around and giving it hugs.  When it was time for bath, he happily carried it upstairs by the handle and then it hung on the door handle to the linen closet outside the bathroom until he was done.
Carrying Cooper by his handle
Getting his PJs out
Once finished, he immediately grabbed it and carried it back downstairs.  Once downstairs, he couldn't wait to open it up and pull out a pair of pajamas and put them on. For the rest of the night, he loved looking at it and snuggling it. Since that first night, we have really found that the Pajama Pouch not only helps with getting Nicholas to comply with "PJ Time", but it also helps us to stay organized. I can't tell you how many nights we "convince" him to put on his PJs, only to realize that we forgot to bring them down from his bedroom and that we will have to convince him a second time once we retrieve some.  The Pajama Pal has alleviated this issue, since when I am folding clean clothes in the family room, I now just stuff the back of it with 3-4 PJs and we are good to go until the next load of the kids' clothes.
Overall, we feel that Cooper is a convenient, helpful, very lovable friend for any little one's bedtime routine and know that he will be around in our house for many years to come! My final thought is "Finally a "stuffed animal" that earns his keep around here!"

Don't miss out, through 12/20, all Pajama Pouches are Buy 1 Get 1 Free!  Pajama Pouches would make great gifts for all of the little ones in your life! A gift the parents would love too!

Two lucky readers will also WIN their own Cooper the Pajama Pouch! If you'd like a chance to win, just fill out the easy Rafflecopter entry form below. Good luck! 

Monday, December 17, 2012

TheraPearl Review and Giveaway

A Little About The Company-
The Pearl Technology contained in every TheraPearl pack is game changing innovation born of an age old therapy. Crafted by a doctor who knew she could offer her patients something better than a bag of frozen peas, TheraPearl was designed with you in mind. Whether chilled or heated, Pearl Technology™ conveniently holds its temperature for the doctor recommended time of 20 minutes and conforms to your body to deliver the perfect relief from your aches and pains.
My Husband Is A Very Active Man, He Plays Sports Year Round & Also Works For The City's Athletic Department. I Am Not As Active In Sports As He Is, But Occasionally He Can Twist My Arm & I Will Play Adult Kickball. However, As A Full Time Mom, I Am Always On The Go-Running Errands, Cleaning House, Walking The Dogs, Etc. 
I Can't Tell You How Many Times I've Sprained My Ankle In The Past Or Had Trouble Sleeping At Night Because My Shoulder Was In Pain Or I Had A Bad Leg Cramp. Unfortunately Hubby Is Always Coming Home With Injuries, Thankfully They Are Minor & Don't Require A Doctor/Hospital Visit But I Know They Are Painful.

When My TheraPearl Sports Pack Arrived, I Couldn't Wait To Try It Out, I Knew I Wanted To Use The Heat Therapy First. TheraPearl Sports Pack Is Reusable & Conforms To Your Body. It Can Help With Aches, Pains, Swelling & Bruising With It's Hot & Cold Therapy. 
To Use The Cold Therapy, Just Place The Sports Pack In The Freezer For At Least Two Hours. I Used The Hot Therapy, So I Microwaved The Pack For 30 Seconds Than Let It Rest On My Shoulder For About 20 Minutes. I Have Never Used Anything Before Like The Sports Pack & I Really Liked It. I Could Instantly Feel The Sports Pack Going To Work & Reliving The Pain In My Shoulder Muscles. I Think This Will Be Used A Lot In Our House & I Might Have To Get Another One For My Husband! 
Not Only Is The Sports Pack Mess Free, It's Portable & Non-Toxic! TheraPearl Also Has Knee Wraps, A Back Wrap, Childrens Pals For Bumps/Bruises & More! 


Thanks To Janessa From Thrifty Nifty Mommy For Sharing TheraPearl With Me, I Am A Proud Blogger In The TNMBN!

Buy It: Purchase Your Own Online!

Win It: One Lucky Reader Will Win A TheraPearl Sports Pack!

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Autism Tips/Topics and Update On Big Brother C

I Will Start This Post Out With An Update On Big Brother C & Than Continue On To Some Questions/Suggestions. 

We Had Big Brother C's ARD A Few Weeks Ago, A Touch Screen Computer Has Been Added To His Classroom Along With Sign Language Cards. These Are Just The Basic Signs Like Eat & More (For Example) That Have The Actually Sign On The Card. He Does Really Well With The Picture Communication Exchange & This Is What They Use At School. So When I Brought Up I Wanted Sign Language Incorporated More Into His Day, This Idea Was Created. So Not Only Will Sign Language Be Used In The Classroom, He Will Have Sign Cards Available For His Use. 

Another Thing That Was Discussed In The Recent ARD Was His Potty Training. Oh & By The Way, This Was Not A Full Blown ARD Or Our Annual, This Was Just To Make A Few Changes To His IEP & Goals. So, Onto The Potty Training, "C" Has Always Struggled With This & I Feel Like We've Been Potty Training For Four Years! When We Bought The iPad, That Was A Big Help With The Toileting He Was Able To Sit On The Potty & Watch One Of His Favorite Shows. Well, I Knew That Wasn't Going To Last Because We Couldn't Send The iPad To School. So We Went To Plan B, Dum Dum Suckers. Yup, You Read That Right! I Purchased A Huge Bag Of Dum Dum Suckers & Every Time It's Potty Time, My Son Gets A Sucker The Entire Time He Is Sitting On The Potty. Usually He Will Sit Until He's Finished With The Sucker, Half Of The Time He Goes, Half Of The Time He Doesn't. We've Only Been Using The Suckers For A Few Weeks, But I Can Already Tell A Difference! 

I Still Can't Believe In Just A Few Weeks He Will Be Turning 7, I Don't Think We Will Be Completely Out Of Pull Ups By Than, But Thanks To Those Dum Dum's We Are Making More Progress Every Day! 

Big Brother C Is A Smart Kido, He Just Lacks In The Communication Department & Has Alot Of Sensory Issues. Sign Language Will Always Be A Work In Progress, Finally He Can Do The Sign For "More" All On His Own! He Still Follows Verbal Commands Ok & Continues To Make Great Eye Contact. Occassionally I Will Still Get A "Yeah" Out Of Him Or Some Other Weird Jumble Of Letters, Lol. 

Ok, On To Answer Some Of Your Questions & Thoughts & Suggestions

Sign Language-
I Believe Is Very Important With A Special Needs Child To Have Sign Language As Part Of Their Communication. Start With The Basic Signs, "Eat, More, Yes, No", Etc. I Have Sign Language Apps On My iPhone & The iPad To Help Teach Me New Signs & The Sign Picture Cards Are At Home & At School. Children Have To Have A Way To Communicate, Even Though "C" Doesn't Always Sign Back, I Know He Understands The Signs I Am Signing To Him Along With The Verbal Command. 

Support Groups-
It Took Me A While To Accept The Fact That "C" Was Autistic, I Mean I Was A Single & Young Mother & I Had No Idea What The Future Would Hold. After Years Of Therapy & Schooling, I Finally Joined Support Groups & A Local Church That Has A Huge Heart For Special Needs Children. I Have Surrounded Myself With People Who Support Me & My Family, Who I Can Talk To Or Confide In When It Comes To My Son. I Have Also Joined A Support Group On Facebook, I Am More Involved Now Than I Ever Have Been. I Love That I Can Pick Up The Phone Or Shoot A Facebook Message To Someone Who Understands What My Life Is Like With My Son, Because, Well They Are Going Through The Same Thing.  You Are Not Alone, WE Are Not Alone In This Journey. It Might Be Scary At First To Reach Out, But Trust Me, You Will Be So Thankful You Did! 

Involvement In Your Community-
I Am So Blessed & Thankful That Even Though Big Brother C Has Autism & Is Mainly Non-Verbal, I Can Take Him Out Into The Community. He Goes With Me To The Grocery Store, The Local Parks, City Events, Church & More. There Are Alot Of Activities In The Community That Involve Special Needs Children. Our Local Mall Just Recently Had A Morning Available For Only Special Needs Children To Do Coloring Activities & Visit With "Santa" In A Low-Key Environment. Visit Your City's Website Or Autism Speaks & Autism Society Are Always Posting Events On Facebook. I've Even Seen Special Movie Screen Postings For Children With Special Needs & Their Families Only. 

Time For Your Spouse-
Make Time For Your Spouse Or Loved One, Trust Me, You & Him/Her Need It. Thankfully I Am Surrounded By People Who Help & Allow My Husband & I To Have Date Nights. They Are Much Needed & Help Keep That Relationship Strong. My Church Also Has A Night, Once A Month, That They Watch Special Needs Children So The Parents Can Have A Date Night. Yes, I Love My Children, Very Much, But It's Important That I Get My Space Too As Well As My Time With My Husband. 

Gifts For Children With Sensory Issues &/Or Fine Motor Skills-
It Is Always Challenging When I Am Gift Shopping For My Son, I Actually Thought This Year Was Going To Be Hard To Find Christmas For Him, But It Wasn't. I Thought About The Area's He Lacks In (Fine Motor & Sensory) & Bought Gifts To Help Him In Those Area's. You Can Find Toys/Gifts For Your Child At Regular Stores Or Online At Amazon But One Of My Favorite's Is Fun & Function. 

Here's Just A Few Ideas At A Few Of My Favorite Stores For My Son-

Rocketship Resistance Play Tunnel -My Son Has One At OT & Absolutely Loves It! 

Point To Happy Book- My Son Loves This & The Pointer! 

Magneatos Better Builder Set- I Have Seen This All Over The "Blog" World & If My Son Doesn't Get This For Christmas, I Am Going To Buy It For Him For His Upcoming Birthday. These Look Really Cool! 

Playdough- Sorry No Link, But You Can Find It Anywhere. It's Great For Fine Motor & Is Non-Toxic! This Is Another Table Top Favorite At Our House!

Lace & Trace Items- Another Great Item For Focus & Fine Motor

Of Course We Have Other Products We Love Like The Weighted Blanket, Weighted Lap Pads & Weighted Vests That We Use On A Regular Basis. 

A Big Suggestion On Toys/Gifts Is Just Go With Your Gut, I Would Never Buy My Son Anything With A Million Tiny Pieces Or With Choking Hazards. When It Comes To Christmas & Birthday For Him, I Usually Send Over A Few Ideas Via Email To Grandparents, Etc, So They Are Not Just Buying "Whatever" & Than You Have To Return It Or Exchange It Because It's Not Age Appropriate, Etc. 

If You Would Like Contacts Or Sites, Etc, More Resources, Feel Free To Comment Or Email Me, I Have Lots I Can Share! :)

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Time For Kids Zoo 3D Book Review

We Love To Read In Our Household, It Seems Like Every Week We Are Adding To Our "Library". As I've Said Before, My Daughter Has A Real Passion For Animals & This Past Spring We Went To The Zoo With My Son's Class, It Was A Lot Of Fun! 

Janessa From Thrifty Nifty Mommy Shared Time For Kids Zoo 3D Book With Me, My First Thought That Came To Mind Was- "I Read Time Magazines When I Was Younger!". I Am So Happy That I Get To Introduce My Children To Time For Kids & Hope That They Will Enjoy It As Much As I Used Too!

As I Sat Down With My Children, I Wondered If They Would Remember The Animals From The Zoo Field Trip But I Also Couldn't Wait To Introduce Them To New Ones! So We Put On Our 3D Glasses & Opened The Book To A Fun Animal Adventure!





This Book Was A Lot Of Fun To Read, The Colors Are Vibrant & The Animals Look So Life Like! From Mammals To Reptiles & Amphibians, You Child Will Love Reading About The Meerkat & Their "Mob Rule". 

Towards The End Of The Book, There Is A "Who's Who At The Zoo" Section To Learn About Some Of The People Who Work At The Zoo. "D.A.V.I.D" Is The Last Animal Images At The End Of The Book & It Shows You How To View Them At A 45 Degree Angle. The Pictures Will Look Like They Are Popping Right Out Of The Page! 




Aren't They Cute? My Children Loved This Book,  Little Sister C Was Very Excited To Put The 3D Glasses On & Even Walked Around The House In Them Afterwards! Big Brother C However, Wanted Nothing To Do With Them-Which Doesn't Surprise Me. :) 

Purchase Your Own Time For Kids Zoo 3D Book On Sale At Amazon

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(Thank You Time For Kids For Sending Me The Zoo 3D Book For The Purpose Of This Review, All Opinion's Are My Own)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Stanley Steemer Gift Certificate Review and Giveaway

A Little About The Company:
For more than 60 years, we have been bringing cleaner, more comfortable homes to America. To serve customers nationwide, we now boast over 300 locations in 48 states. From a humble, one-man, one-truck beginning in Columbus, Ohio, we've done pretty well—all because we're driven to deliver the best, and proud to stand behind every service 100%.

I Still Can't Believe The Holidays Are Here & While I'm Running Around Shopping & Decorating The House, I Needed A Little Bit Of Extra Help Getting Things Ready! We Will Be Super Busy The Week Of Christmas With Family Dinners & We Even Have Family Flying Into Town! We Have Tile Floor In Our Entire House But Our Living Room Has An Area Rug & We Have Runners In The Hall Way. Several Days A Week I Find Myself Moping The Floors & Vacuuming, You Can Imagine What Our Rugs Look Like With Two Children & A Dog! 

I Was So Excited When I Heard About This Stanley Steemer Opportunity! I Quickly Visited Them Online & Made My Appointment With Ease! I Received A Confirmation Email & The Day Of The Appt Stanley Steemer Called Me To Notify Me That They Were On Their Way! Not Only Where The Gentlemen On Time, They Were Polite, Helpful & Were In & Out Under 30 Minutes!

Stanley Steemer Came In & Cleaned & Deodorized My Rugs & I Couldn't Believe The Difference I Noticed! Not Only Where All Of My Stains Removed, My Rugs Looked New Again Like The Day I Bought Them! It Took A Few Hours For My Rugs To Dry, So Hubby & I Took The Kidos Out & Did Some Shopping. Little Did I Know, Hubby Had Plans To Purchase New Furniture To Add To Our "New" Looking Rugs! :) 

So For Your Enjoyment-Stains & All, Enjoy These Pictures!





So What Do You Think? Yes, That's My New Furniture & My Little Christmas Tree! We Actually Ending Up Re-Arranging The Entire Living Room This Past Week To Finish Up Christmas Decorating & Give The Kids More Play Room!

Stanley Steemer Can Tackle Almost Any Kind Of Flooring Like Tile, Hardwood & Carpets! They Offer Furniture Cleaning, Auto Cleaning, Water Damage Restoration & More! 

Buy It: What Do You Need Cleaned? Make Your On Appointment Online!

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(The Stanley Steemer gift certificate, information, and two gift packs have been provided by Stanley Steemer)