The Story Of Three

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hello Tuesday! :)
It's all about the her today! Enjoy!

My Princess
She Loves her Lovey!
Lovey goes everywhere with her!
Her room is done in total Pink, I mean lots and lots of Pink!
I love to put her in Dresses in the summer & cute winter outfits as it gets colder!
Were still working on Bows, Hats & Headbands! She has a million, she's just got to wear them! Lol
She loves stuffed animals and baby dolls!
She says lots of words, her favorite is bye bye and dada!
My Princess is so Sweet & growing Up so Fast!
Just yesterday I bought her size 5 Diapers! Wow!
She is also in size 18 months clothing!
Her next doctor appointment is in February & I can't wait to see how Big she is!