The Story Of Three: I Like's, I Do's, I Love's

Friday, January 13, 2012

I Like's, I Do's, I Love's

Happy Friday!
Did you get your entries in for the group giveaway?
Today I am making Cake Pop's for the first time! (wish me luck)
~Welcome All Of My New Followers!~
Wanted to share some info on me! :)

My Likes, Do's & Love's-

I like to clean, yes you read that right
I can not stand for my house to be dirty
Everything from dusting ceiling fans to baseboards (& everything in between), is done on a regular basis!

I love to shop (love is probably an understatement!)
I always use coupons or will stop at the discount rack first
I shop everywhere, Walmart, Target, Krogers, etc - always looking for the best savings on groceries
Old Navy is by far my favorite place to get all of our clothes!

I love my Cross Over (a Chrysler Pacifica to be exact) but when I get the chance I will take my Hubby's Accord in a heart beat!

I love Dr Pepper & Sweet Tea
Mexican food is my all time favorite, I could eat it all day long, I mean all day! :)

I do like to be on time or early

I love to be organized, I depend on my Iphone & fridge Calendar to help with that!
My house is organized as well, from the kitchen cabinets to the clothes in our closets!

I love to shower in the morning, but it's more convenient on my schedule if I shower at night, but my hair does better if I shower in the morning..Imagine that :)

I love to get things in the mail (unless it's bills), it's like Christmas!

I'd rather wear contacts than glasses (which is why I don't have any) but without my contacts, I'm blind!
I'm sure this is more that I left out that I Like, Do & Love but at the moment this is all I could think of :)

So what are you Like's, Do's & Love's?


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