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Friday, January 6, 2012

Super Glad It's Friday!

OMG Did you watch Grey's last night! I cried my eyes out! So glad to have my Thursday night's back!
I went to Walmart yesterday and did my grocery shopping, I didn't price match this time but I had my coupons with me. A little over $15 in savings! Woohoo!
Oh & when I went to get gas it was $3.15 at the QT down the street, so I stopped at Krogers where it was $3.12 and used my 10Cents off a gallon-got gas for $3.02! I am so glad I did too-because when I woke up this morning gas was $3.29! Wow! (I drive a Cross Over-so every penny saved helps!)

Giveaway Details-I am teaming up with my cousin and a few other bloggers, will have the exact date of the giveaway kickoff soon! I'm so excited!
Hope you all have a Fabulous Friday!
What are your weekend plans? 

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