The Story Of Three: Thursday

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Congrats to the Winner of the group giveaway!
Was it you!? :)

I have to say, I love love love saving money! Don't you?
I mean when I find a great deal, its like my heart and wallet smile!
It's that excited feeling like oooohhh I just kept more money in my bank account!

So, did you check out my shopping trip yesterday?

Well I went to Albertsons this morning-
(& by the way, you can't have your heart set on one store, you just have to shop around or price match with ads if you prefer)
It really is sooo worth it!

Toilet Paper 12 Rolls-Regular Price-$7.19-On Sale-$3.99
Paper Towels 8 Rolls-Regular Price-$8.09-On Sale-$3.99
Sara Lee Bread-$2.69 (I can usually find it cheaper)
Sandwhich Baggies That Seal-$1.00
Drawstring Kitchen Trash Bags-$1.00
Diapers-Regular Price $6.99-On Sale & A Coupon Was Attached-$3.99
Pullups-Regular Price-$6.99-On Sale & A Coupon Was Attached-$3.99

I also visited Kid to Kid (which happens to be next door to Albertsons)
I got 10% off my purchase
I bought 3 dresses for spring/summer for my Princess

Hope you all have a Lovely day!


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