The Story Of Three: Tuesday, Tuesday

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday, Tuesday

Hello Tuesday, how did you approach so fastly?

So after a long weekend, my Big Guy returned back to school today!
He had such a fun and busy weekend & I hope he enjoyed it as much as we did!
He has been doing so well (we started new therapy a little over a month ago), he also started say new sounds and trying to pronounce a new word on Saturday. We went out to dinner Saturday night and he was perfect, well all weekend he has just been soo perfect! I am so proud of him and I am honored to be his mother! He is such a smart and sweet little boy and I am so pleased to see him progressing and going in the direction we need and want him to go in!

Thank you everyone for keeping him in your prayers and for all of the helpful hands, teachers & therapist that are involved in our daily lives!

My Big Guy is still only weighing in at about 40 pounds, he is in size 6 jeans but slims & I still have to adjust the weight! I think he is tall for his age though, I know he has really long legs! His appetite has gotten so much better and he takes a healthy lunch to school every day!

My Big Guy-I hope you had a wonderful and perfect long Birthday weekend! I hope and pray that you know that we all love you each and every day and we always will! You are such a blessing to our lives!


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