The Story Of Three: February 2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Google Friend Connect is Changing :(

I don't want to lose any of my Follower's!

So how do you Follow IHeart-Motherhood?


Hope you will stick around with us! Feb has been a great month & March will be even better!

I'm so blessed to have all of you!


Monday, February 27, 2012

I've emailed the winner twice to the Freedom Snacks Giveaway, was it you?
Please reply!

Don't Forget Lady Cakes Gourmet Popcorn Giveaway is still going on :)

Have you entered the Group Giveaway at Little Miss Nerd Girl? I'm giving away a Target gift card!

I went to Target this morning, Post Office & stopped to get Gas. (Not thrilled with the price of gas!)

Dishes are done, two loads of laundry done as well! Love having a clean house!

My Big Guy has Therapy tonight & were having left over's for dinner!

I love Monday's! :)


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Birthday Cake Oreo's

Where have you been all of my life?!

If you haven't tried these-I urge you to stop by Krogers (thats where I bought mine)
& buy 1 package, (ok thats a joke) you'll probably want 2 or 3 packages!

They are soooooo good!
Not even good, they are Great, Excellent, Delicious!

Group Giveaway

I have exciting news for ya!

I am part of a great giveaway going on!

Be sure to check out Little Miss Nerd Girl & go see what I'm giving away!

Good Luck!


How is everyone's weekend going?

We are wrapping up alot of giveaway's over here! :)

Congrats to the Winner of the Johnson's Baby Oil Giveaway!

If you have Won a Giveaway recently, please please check your email!
I'd hate to have to pick another winner!

Can't believe Feb is almost over! Time goes by so fast!

Friday, February 24, 2012

So glad it's Friday!
It's been a long week!
Congrats to the Winner of the Freedom Snacks Giveaway!
The Johnsons's Giveaway ends Today-Winner will be announced tomorrow!
Also-today is the last day for the Facebook Target gift card giveaway!
Be sure to check it out and get your entries in! :)

I have a special treat for you today!

Glorious Goose was featured on our blog a little while ago and she was giving away a Hooded Bath Towel, well she's back to offer ya'll a sweet deal!
She has been so kind to offer a discount code to IHeart-Motherhood!
Stop by her Etsy Shop & get to shopping!
& get 20% off!

I also wanted to Welcome all of my new Fans/Followers! Our numbers are growing! If you have a Facebook Page, Etsy Shop or Blog you would love for me to check out, please leave a link in the comments below or Write on our Facebook Wall! :)
Hope you all have a Fabulous Weekend!


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kido Update

I think its been a while since I did a kido update.
We've been so busy-well for an entire week this month we were all sick! Yuck
But of course everybody is much better :)
Between the Reviews/Giveaway's (Which I love trust me) Sometimes I forget to do everyday posts!

Here is my Princess-at almost 16months old!

 Here is my Handsome Big Guy at 6 years old!

 Aren't they cute!?
They are both doing wonderful and of course every day is a new adventure! They are growing up so fast and I love them more and more everyday!
Hello Thursday!

Congrats to the Winner of the Evie Jane Designs Pillow Case Dress!

Just a reminder the Freedom Snacks Giveaway ends today! (Winner will be announced tomorrow morning)

I've got lots going on today (which is no different from any other day!) but hope you all have a wonderful day! :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thanks Mail Carrier

Thanks Mail Carrier is giving away 5 boxes of Cereal!
Cinnamon Toast Crunch is my favorite and always has been!
I think my kidos would enjoy the Lucky Charms & The Cheerios very much!
I'd love to win!

Happy Hump Day!

Congrats to the Winner of the Mama Bears Fleece Blanket Giveaway & Thank You to Everyone who Entered! :)

Several Giveaway's End This Week As Well!

Lots More Coming Up Though!

Please Share Our Blog With Your Friends!

Hope You All Have A Wonderful Wednesday!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lady Cakes Gourmet Popcorn Review & Giveaway

Lady Cakes Gourmet Popcorn Review & Giveaway

Did I mention I love Gourmet Popcorn?

I was sent the Sweet & Spicy bag from Lady Cakes to try!
I love that it starts out sweet and than ends with a kick!
Must of been good because I ate the whole bag! :)

 Lady Cakes Has Been So Kind To Offer An Original Bag (Shown Above) Of Gourmet Popcorn To 3 Winners! Yum!!

Just Fill Out The Form Below To Enter! Good Luck!
(Winner Has 48 Hours To Contact Me!)


Monday, February 20, 2012

Everybody returns to their normal routines tomorrow!
I'm so glad everyone in my house is back to feeling better!

My Big Guy had such a wonderful time at Therapy today, he was trying new things and saying new sounds! He was so expressive!

Can you believe that Feb is almost over?
Lots of Giveaway's are ending this week!
Have you seen the one thats on Facebook only?

Can't wait to show you what March has in store for ya!
Already working on some amazing posts! :)


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Good Morning Sunday!
Hope you all are enjoying your weekends!
I was not around alot yesterday because we attending a friend's beautiful wedding! :)

Just a reminder-all of the giveaway's end this week-so make sure to get your entries! :)


Friday, February 17, 2012

Hello Friday!
I am so glad this week is finally over!
I am ready for a fun and busy weekend!
We are attending a wedding tomorrow and I so I purchased this dress today!
Lovely isnt it? :)
I'm so excited to wear it! I don't get to wear dresses that often!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

So I won two giveaway's recently and I have to share them with you because I love them both! :)
I won a a giveaway from Open Hands-she's one of the blogs I follow!
She was giving away an item from Sassy Shortcake Boutique!
I picked this lovely piece & it arrived today! Yay!
Isnt it lovely!? Omg! I can't wait to wear it out on a night with my Hubby! :)
My other item I won is from Between the Sheets co., they were having a giveaway on their Facebook page & I won! Yay!
So I picked out this for my princess-
Of course the name is different, but isnt it cute!? :)
So go show all of these wonderful companies some Love!


Probiotics For My Big Guy

So after a long weekend in the house with everybody sick, Hubby and I discussed getting Probiotics for our Big Guy.
He's always getting sick, even the smallest cold going around-he will get it. He's been like that since he was a baby.
I've heard of Probiotics before, but have never bought them or given them to my big Guy.
So after some research and googling (don't ya just love Google!?), I came across Culturelle Probiotics for Kids!
Culturelle Probiotics for Kids helps support kids natural defense systems & helps reduce digestive upset.
I love that it is Flavorless, so I can add it to any drink and my Big Guy won't notice the difference!
We purchased ours from (another one of my favorite's!)

So-today is Day 1 of my Big Guy starting on Probiotics

Hoping this helps & just wanted to share! :)

Walmart Shopping Trip

I went today, because I knew there would be Valentine's on sale.
No I didn't buy Chocolate. (even though it was 50% off)
But instead got these-
Wilton Heart Pops Kit
Red Cupcake Stand
(Both were on Clearance-50% off)

I also grabbed some groceries while I was there-
I had $4.75 in coupons but there was a lot I got that was on sale! :)

Any Great Deals You've Found Lately?! 


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Trying New Things

Everyone in my house is recovering from being sick and last night we had grilled cheese and soup, I sat out chicken to thaw, but I knew nobody was in the mood. So for dinner tonight I thought i'd try a new recipe. I remember seeing it from another fellow blogger, so I apologize I can't find it and can't remember who it was! :(
But here it is, and I love it!
Chicken Tenders (I didn't have chicken breasts on hand)
Kraft Mayo-The Real Mayo

Place Chicken Tenders in baking dish
Cover Chicken Tenders with Kraft Mayo
Crumble Goldfish
Sprinkle Goldfish Over Chicken Tenders
Bake At 350

Can you say Yum! :)

We served ours with Mashed Potato's!

It's a must try if you have kidos! :)



Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope you all have a wonderful day with your loved ones!

My kidos are still recovering from being sick, so my Big Guy is staying home from school again today!
Praying they get better quick, I hate to see my little ones like this!


Monday, February 13, 2012

Johnsons Baby Oils Review & Giveaway

Johnson's Baby Oils Review & Giveaway

We are a big fan of the Johnson's Baby brand here in our household and I use their products on my Princess every day! So I was thrilled when I was contacted to do a product review!

Johnson's Baby Creamy Oil & Baby Oil Gel are used to soothe and relieve dry skin.
I tried the Oil first, than the Lotion and wow!
They are easy to apply and it doesn't take a whole lot!
Both of my hands were super super smooth after just one application!
I love the scent!
The Creamy Oil Is Non-Greasy
I used some of the Creamy Oil Lotion on my daughter's face and instantly her skin was even softer! Baby smooth! :)
If you love Johnson's Products-this a must have!
Thanks again Melanie!

Enter The Form To Win-Good Luck!
(Winner Has 48 Hours To Contact Me!)

Good Morning!

We are still recovering today and everybody stayed home as well!

I wanted to announce that I am participating in a group giveaway with my cousin Cassie @ Live Laugh L0ve!

It's her 1 year Celebration! Yay!

Also, check out the tab on the left


"Current Giveaway's"

There are three awesome giveaway's going on!

Go enter! :)

Have a great day and I'll be back on later when I get a chance!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

So It's Been A Long Weekend Around Our Parts..

My Princess Started Feeling Bad Early Saturday Morning (Around 2/3Am To Be Exact!)
& Just Went Down Hill From There.
She Has Been Running A Fever, Won't Eat & Is Completely Miserable.
Last Night My Big Guy Started Coughing Alot & Was Worse This Morning..
We Bundled Up The Kids (It Was 28 Degree's This Morning) & Took Them To Cook Children's Hospital.
The Pediatrician Said That Both Of Them Had A Viral Infection & There Wasn't A Whole Lot He Could Do!
At That Moment-I Was So Saddened. I've Never Seen My Princess This Sick & I Felt So Bad That There Is Nothing To Make Either Of Them Better!
Although He Did Say, We Could Start Breathing Treatments.
This Afternoon Was The First Round Of Those & Neither Child Appreciated That!

We Are Spending The Day Home Today & Tomorrow As Well.
Hoping For A Speedy Recovery To My Little Ones!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hello Everyone!

Just want to say Congrats to the winner of the Glorious Goose Giveaaway!

Thank you to everyone who entered!

There are 3, yes I said 3, new giveaway's up! So be sure to enter! :)

Don't forget, you can also find me on Twitter! 


Freedom Snacks Review & Giveaway

Freedom Snacks Popcorn Review & Giveaway
They Have Hundred's Of Yummy Popcorn Combinations!

Veronica Is The Owner Of Freedom Snacks, She Has Great Communication & Was So Kind To Send Me The Flavor Of The Month!
The February Flavor Of The Month Is-
Chocolate Covered Strawberry Popcorn
We Put Big Brother To The Test
He Loved It!
Of Course I Made Him Share With Me!
Before I Knew It-The Bowl Was Empty!
It Was That Good!

I Love The Flavors! Yum!

Thank You Freedom Snacks!

Freedom Snacks Has Been So Kind To Offer One Luck Reader A Sample Pack (Shown Above) Of This Yummy Chocolate Covered Strawberry Popcorn! Yay!

Enter The Form To Win-Good Luck!
(Winner Has 48 Hours To Contact Me!)