The Story Of Three: .......

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Just in case you were wondering....

Stay at home Mom's are not lazy....

We are not unemployed..

We have full time jobs..

What is it you ask?

Keeping our homes clean, our families happy, and making sure our hard working Husbands can come home and relax!

I have never once let my Husband come home after a long day of school and work to a messy house!

This is just a few things I accomplished today-

3 Loads of Laundry-Washed/Dryed/Hung Up/Folded

Dishes-Loaded Dishwasher/Ran It/Unloaded

Swept & Moped Entire House

Vacuumed Area Rugs (We Have All Tile)

Emptied All Small Trash Cans & Large One (Tomorrow is Trash Day)
Stopped At Krogers To Get Groceries

Not to Mention-I have our 15Mth Old all day, while our oldest is in school :)

& Know-I'm going to reward myself and take the kidos to have dinner with my wonderful Hubby!

Hope you all have a wonderful night!