The Story Of Three: Old Navy

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Old Navy

If you've been following my blog, You know I love to shop at Old Navy.
If your new here, well let me just tell you-this is my Favorite and probably only store I shop for myself.
I always find great deals, I love the clothing styles, options and sizes for my whole family!

So I have another Old Navy deal for you!

Short Sleeve Basic Tee Women's-Tag Price-$8.50-On Sale-$4.47-I Paid-$2.68
Pants For The Princess-Tag Price-$8.94-On Sale-$2.99-I Paid-$1.79
Leggings For The Princess-Tag Price-$8.94-On Sale-$1.97-I Paid-$1.18
Womens Denim Sweetheart Jeans-Tag Price-$29.50-On Sale-$15.49-I Paid-$9.27
Total Price Saved Was Over $40.00
Total Price On Card-$16.15!!

I Had Old Navy Super Cash-So I Saved $10 With That-Which Is Why My Numbers Are So Low!
I Love Love Saving Money At My Favorite Store!


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