The Story Of Three: Probiotics For My Big Guy

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Probiotics For My Big Guy

So after a long weekend in the house with everybody sick, Hubby and I discussed getting Probiotics for our Big Guy.
He's always getting sick, even the smallest cold going around-he will get it. He's been like that since he was a baby.
I've heard of Probiotics before, but have never bought them or given them to my big Guy.
So after some research and googling (don't ya just love Google!?), I came across Culturelle Probiotics for Kids!
Culturelle Probiotics for Kids helps support kids natural defense systems & helps reduce digestive upset.
I love that it is Flavorless, so I can add it to any drink and my Big Guy won't notice the difference!
We purchased ours from (another one of my favorite's!)

So-today is Day 1 of my Big Guy starting on Probiotics

Hoping this helps & just wanted to share! :)


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