The Story Of Three

Sunday, February 12, 2012

So It's Been A Long Weekend Around Our Parts..

My Princess Started Feeling Bad Early Saturday Morning (Around 2/3Am To Be Exact!)
& Just Went Down Hill From There.
She Has Been Running A Fever, Won't Eat & Is Completely Miserable.
Last Night My Big Guy Started Coughing Alot & Was Worse This Morning..
We Bundled Up The Kids (It Was 28 Degree's This Morning) & Took Them To Cook Children's Hospital.
The Pediatrician Said That Both Of Them Had A Viral Infection & There Wasn't A Whole Lot He Could Do!
At That Moment-I Was So Saddened. I've Never Seen My Princess This Sick & I Felt So Bad That There Is Nothing To Make Either Of Them Better!
Although He Did Say, We Could Start Breathing Treatments.
This Afternoon Was The First Round Of Those & Neither Child Appreciated That!

We Are Spending The Day Home Today & Tomorrow As Well.
Hoping For A Speedy Recovery To My Little Ones!


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