The Story Of Three: Trying New Things

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Trying New Things

Everyone in my house is recovering from being sick and last night we had grilled cheese and soup, I sat out chicken to thaw, but I knew nobody was in the mood. So for dinner tonight I thought i'd try a new recipe. I remember seeing it from another fellow blogger, so I apologize I can't find it and can't remember who it was! :(
But here it is, and I love it!
Chicken Tenders (I didn't have chicken breasts on hand)
Kraft Mayo-The Real Mayo

Place Chicken Tenders in baking dish
Cover Chicken Tenders with Kraft Mayo
Crumble Goldfish
Sprinkle Goldfish Over Chicken Tenders
Bake At 350

Can you say Yum! :)

We served ours with Mashed Potato's!

It's a must try if you have kidos! :)



Rose-Marie said...

oh boy, this sounds soo good! and simple! Good for kids and "big kids" too!!! Thank you for the cool recipe (even tho you got it from another blogger!)

Robin O said...

My experiments in the kitchen often turn into disasters...but our family would definitely love these, so I'll give them a shot!