The Story Of Three: Crumbles Cookie Factory Review

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Crumbles Cookie Factory Review

Crumbles Cookie Factory Review

Crumbles Cookie Factory proudly makes Artisan hand decorated cookies, confections, and cakes-created especially for you using only the finest ingredients!
I have a sweet teeth, that is my addiction, sweets! (See ya learned something new about me today!) Well today, Crumbles Cookie Factory satisfied my craving! :) 
My package arrived and everything was tucked in nice and neat! The bows are an adorable touch as well! Everything looked delicious and I couldn't wait to try it all out! 

First, I Tried The Sweetheart Fudge-

Than I Tried The Black Forest Marshmallows-

Last Sweet Treat I Tasted Was The Lemon Chiffon Marshmallows-

I have to honestly say I was blown away! Everything was amazing and I didn't want to share any of it! But lets be honest, if I ate all of that I might have a stomach ache! So yes, I shared! :)

Thank You Crumbles Cookie Factory!
Be sure to check out Crumbles Cookie Factory and show her some extra love! 

Have a wonderful day-

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