The Story Of Three: Getting Started-The Beginning

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Getting Started-The Beginning

Getting Started

I wanted to share with everyone today about what i've recently started. As of today (Sunday) I have walked 4 days in a row. I know that doesn't seem much, but when it's a fast paced walk while pushing the stroller and a friendly lab pulling you other arm-trust me it's a work out!
I have been walking around the neighborhood every day-for 30-40 minutes.

It's good for everyone, our lab enjoys the outdoors and it's good for her nails. My Princess loves the view from the stroller and says hi to everyone she can!

I honestly enjoy walking, it's quiet time, it's free (no gym membership fees) and no use of my suv! (Which saves gas!)

I am also cutting back on carbs/sweets. No carbs after lunch.
Nuts right!?
It has been hard (because I have a huge sweet tooth) but I've been drinking my protein shakes and just staying focused on the end result!

I've also been looking for carb free/low carb dinner recipes, so if you have any ideas-please share! :)

I am not trying to lose 30 or 60 pounds here, just wanting to shed a few inches and maybe a dress size. 

So occasionally you will see a post or two pop up about my little journey of weight loss! :)

Have you seen The Biggest Loser? If so, you are aware of Bob Harper. He wrote a book called The Skinny Rules! I can't wait for it to come out! I think I will purchase it for Kindle!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Walking is one of my preferred methods of exercise! It's hard to do outside here in AZ though because it gets WAY too hot!

J @ IHeart-Motherhood said...

I understand that! At the moment I have been walking in the morning after I take Big Guy to school. Once the summer heat hits though, I'm not sure when I'll walk!