The Story Of Three: Just An Update

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Just An Update

Just An Update :)

We have had a super busy week around here in our parts!
I had family fly into town-so we are enjoying visiting with them! 
My Big Guy has been doing really well since school let out! We have been trying to keep him busy and do something fun almost every day! He has been enjoying therapy and swimming of course! :)
He did scrape up his knee pretty bad yesterday and as a result, today he couldn't attend swim lessons but hopefully it will heal fast! 

My Princess is at such a fun age! She has a wonderful imagination and I love her expressions! She is a talking machine! She loves barbies and baby dolls and this is her favorite stroller! She was so upset the other day because they wouldn't all fit in her stroller (& that's not even all of them!). So I've been looking online for a bigger play stroller or play wagon for her!

The Texas heat is slowly creeping up on us, yesterday the weather was perfect and in the 80's! We had a little bit of rain and I'm looking forward to some more!

Welcome to all of my new fans and thank you for being a part of IHeart-Motherhood. I truly love this blog and I appreciate each and everyone of you so much!

There's two giveaway's live on the blog and I'm working on another one!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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