The Story Of Three: My Birthday Weekend Recap

Monday, June 18, 2012

My Birthday Weekend Recap

What A Long & Great Birthday Weekend!

It Started Off On Friday By Getting My Nails Done W/My Mom & 
Having A Yummy Lunch At Jason's Deli!
By The Way-If You've Never Eaten At Jason's Deli! Wow, You Are Missing Out! I Loved It! The Atmosphere Is Great, The Customer Service Is Outstanding, They Even Have A Salad Bar! The Salad Bar Has Crackers & These Cute Little Muffins! Ugh I Should Of Taken Picture's! OMG! Than You Can Get Ice Cream In A Cone To Go! Yay! :)

Anyways..Getting Off Topic Here.....

Love The Nail Color! My Favorite-Pink!

Than I Stopped Into Old Navy-My Favorite Store!

Here Is A Breakdown Of Today's Shopping Deal-

Toddler Pajama's (L/S Ariel)-Regular Price-$16.94-Clearance Price-$3.97-
My Price-$2.24
Toddler Pajama's (S/L Pink)-Regular Price-$14.94-Clearance Price-$8.99-
My Price-$5.06
Toddler Dress-Regular Price Sticker Is Missing-Clearance Price-$4.47-
My Price-$2.52
Toddler Denim Capris-Regular Price-$14.94-Clearance Price-$5.99-
My Price-$3.37
Toddler Pink Capris-Regular Price-$7.94-Clearance Price-$1.99-
My Price-$1.12
Toddler Girls Red Top-Regular Price-$12.94-
My Price-$4.82
Toddler Butterfly Top-Regular Price-$8.94-Clearance Price-$3.49-
My Price-$1.96
Boys Polo-Regular Price-$14.94-Clearance Price-$5.49-
My Price-$3.09
Women's Old Navy Flag Tank Top-Regular Price-$5.00-
My Price-$4.02
Women's Tshirt-Regular Price-$14.94-
My Price-$8.04
Mens Graphic Tee-Regular Price-$14.94-
My Price-$4.82

I Had A $10 Off Coupon & A $10 GiftCard-
My Total Spent Was $34
Total Saved-

Wow! :) Love Old Navy! 

Aren't My Kidos The Cutest!?
My Big Guy Is Getting A Haircut Today & We Are Getting It Super Short For Summer!

Saturday Night We Went Out To Dinner W/Family & Friends! 
We Had So Much Fun & Enjoyed Yummy Mexican Food!

& Of Course I Can't Forget About Sunday!
Happy Father's Day!

To Top Off My Weekend, This Is What I Shared W/Hubbs Sunday Night!

I Couldn't Of Asked For A Better Weekend!

How Was Everyone Else's Weekend?

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Melissa said...

Your pictures are adorable! Luv the pink color for toes and nails! =)

Happy Birthday!

We had a great weekend, warm weather!