The Story Of Three: Random Post-Shot Schedule's

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Random Post-Shot Schedule's

Shot Schedule's

With The School Year Nearing, Most Parents Have To Get Shot Records Together, Well Check-Up's Complete, Etc. Even If Your Little One Is In Daycare Or You Are Expecting, This Is A Must Read For All Parents.

As Most Of You Know, I Have Two Children, My Oldest Is 6 & My Youngest Is 20 Months. My Oldest Received Shots Like Everyone Else Did-Whenever The Doctor Said He Had To Come In, He Was There. Weather It Was For A 4 Month Check Up Or His 2 Year Well Check Up, He Received Shots. Every-time He Received Shots, He Had Side Effects. 
Fever, Stiff Legs, Cranky, Etc
I Remember The Day After One Of His Well Check Up's, His Legs Were So Stiff He Couldn't Get Out Of Bed To Walk The Next Day! He Was In Pain & Tears!
I Thought This Was Normal, It Broke My Heart To See My Guy In Pain!

I Didn't Learn Until I Was Pregnant With My Daughter That You Can Suggest A Shot Schedule From The First Day Your Child Is Born. I Had No Idea With My Son, Nor Did His Pediatrician Ever Suggest It. (Since Than We Switched His Pediatrician's!)
When My Daughter Was Born, I Immediately Made It Clear With Her Pediatrician's That I Wanted A Shot Schedule. Her Pediatrician Was Very On Board With It, It Was Easy & Honestly It's The Best Decision I've Ever Made! 
My Daughter Has Never Had Any Symptoms! 
No Fever, No Stiffness, No Needles At The Same Time, Etc.
The Shot Schedule Is Easy, Just Suggest It To Your Pediatrician! 
It Has So Many Benefits! 
Instead Of My Daughter Receiving 4 Shots (In One Leg) At One Well Check-Up, They Are Spread Out. She Gets One Shot At A Time, Yes That Means We Have To Visit The Doctor's More Frequently (Maybe Once A More Month Than Usual) But It Is So Worth It! 
Alot Of Parents Think Pediatricians Know Everything, That They Are Doing What Is Right. Most Of The Time, Yes That Is The Case-After All They Are The Ones With The Degrees. But That Doesn't Mean Your Voice As A Parent Shouldn't Be Heard!
Do Not Be Afraid To Speak Up, To Ask Questions, To Opt Out Of That Chicken Pox Shot, Etc! 

Remember You Are The Parent, You Know Your Child Better Than Anyone Else!

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Lil Monkey's Momma said...

My doctor automatically does that. This is my first baby and he said it's easier on her with a shot schedule.