The Story Of Three: *Our Holiday Gift Guide* Little Tikes iTikes Keyboard

Friday, November 30, 2012

*Our Holiday Gift Guide* Little Tikes iTikes Keyboard

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My husband and I were astonished when our little girl Maggie picked up my iPod Touch a few months ago (she was probably just a few months past 2 years) and started using it like a pro. The girl knows how to adjust the volume, find the games she likes, listen to music--sometimes I think she knows just about as much as I do about it! She LOVES my iPod Touch so much that we splurged on her this year and got her an iPad2 for Christmas. This is a BIG splurge for her, as I would not normally spend that amount of money on anyone on my shopping list BUT we do plan on using it as part of her homeschooling, so that softened the blow a little bit.

Of course, she'll need lots of new, fun, and educational Apps for her new iPad, so I was really excited to see that Little Tikes, one of my favorite kids brands, recently launched their iTikes line.

iTikes is a line of interactive toys that helps kids learn by piquing their curiosity, and changing the way they play. Our goal is to make learning about science, math, technology, academics and the world around us fun through a powerful combination of "cool," real-world topics, lively text, superior graphics, and interactive content. iTikes work as stand-alone toys, and can also connect with your iPhone, iPod and iPad to unlock whole new worlds of free downloadable apps and supplements. 

A whole new world of possibility and imagination...
Where Tech Meets Play.

Where kids can create, explore and dream.

We were sent the new iTikes Keyboard for review. Now, not all of the iTikes products are compatible with an iPod Touch, but this one was, so Maggie was able to start playing already.  (All of the current iTikes Toys are, however, all compatible with the iPad!) I was really excited to receive the Keyboard for review because I played the piano as a girl, and I have always thought that for the "music" part of her homeschooling, I would like to try to teach Maggie to play the piano. Here are the details for the iTikes keyboard:

The iTikes Piano inspires passion for music by combining hi-tech and classic play. Without a device, kids can learn to play songs, listen to built-in music and explore their musical creativity. With the device and free App, the learning is enhanced to a whole new level. Learn to read notes, hear pitch, sight read and play your favorite songs with the iTikes Piano.

Product Features:

  • Standalone keyboard with major & minor keys, volume control and tempo/pitch tuner
  • App-based music games allow kids to learn more note names, musical staff and pitch training
  • 4 ways to play: Freeplay: Open play without background music. Playback: Pick song to hear it play with accompaniment. Solo: Accompaniment plays as child pretends to play; melody joins in. Stepper: Music plays as child presses keyboard, regardless of which keys are “played”.
  • Light-Up Major Keys
  • Record & playback feature
  • Use iPad®, iPhone® or iPod touch® to play learning games, watch visualizations and more
  • Includes 4 built-in songs
  • Includes Cases for the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch

Maggie was thrilled to have her very own keyboard to play and she LOVED the fact that she could use my iPod Touch with it! It only took a few minutes to install the batteries and download the free App for the keyboard. Then Maggie sat on the floor for about an hour discovering all the new games and playing on the keyboard!

Since the first night, she has played with this product a number of times. Sometimes she plays with just the keyboard or just the App, other times she plays with both.  There are lots of games on the App to help teach musical concepts to your kids. For instance, one of Maggie's favorite games is the Pinata game. You try to get your character to hit the pinata. You push a key on the keyboard to make them swing the bat. The lower the note, the lower they swing and, of course, the higher the note, the higher the swing.  She also loves the Canvas Game where you paint with the notes!  Some of the games are still a little advanced for Maggie, but I know as she grows this will be a great teaching tool for her!  I love investing in toys that she'll be able to use for a few years! I'm excited for her to get the iPad on Christmas and have a bigger screen for playing with this keyboard!

Overall, Maggie has really enjoyed playing on her new keyboard. With 10 different games, it keeps her busy for quite a while! Maggie's baby brother (6 months old) even enjoys playing music on the keyboard!

The iTikes toys are available for purchase from Little Tikes and also your favorite toy stores like Target, Walmart and ToysRus! The iTikes Keyboard is priced at $49.99, however it is on sale through Dec. 10th at the Little Tikes website for $44.99 with FREE Shipping! 


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karenmed409 said...

Love the iTikes Canvas

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I would choose the iTikes Map :)

Meleakua said...

the map explorer looks fantastic! i could stand to play with that some!! :D thanks!
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