The Story Of Three: *Our Holiday Gift Guide* Tiny Love

Saturday, November 24, 2012

*Our Holiday Gift Guide* Tiny Love

*This Is A Guest Post From Amanda At Open Hands, Read Her Review & Enter To Win!*

“What is he/she thinking right now?” we hear you say aloud as we become transfixed by the flashy lights of our mobiles or squeeze your chin with utter delight. Well we, Tommy and Taylor, are here to give a voice to what (in the past) may have seemed like a one-way conversation. Tiny Love, leader in developmental baby toys, has selected us to be their spokespersons and host their Facebook page, all
owing us to talk directly to you, the conscientious and curious parent.
You see, Tiny Love recognizes that when a baby is born, a parent is born too. It’s a whole new world, with new identities, new rituals, questions, concerns and joys that you now have a as a parent; you have started a whole new chapter in your lives and Tiny Love is here to grow with you! We hope to give you some highly researched peace of mind and a lot of drooley giggles…for both you and your baby ;)
Tommy & Taylor

A few months ago I was introduced to my first Tiny Love product, you might remember my review of the Take Along Mobile, since then I was also introduced to another great product that Tiny Love is well known for, their 3-in-1 Rocker napper, our little girl sleeps in this in our room every night and loves it! I am sure you have heard of these great products from Tiny Love, but what you may not know is they have a great line of other products for your little ones. We were sent two great items from Tiny Love to review.

 The first item we were sent is the Super Mat. This item has been great for our little girl when it comes to floor time. I lay this out on our living room floor and she loves having tummy time on this mat! There are so many great little features on this mat to keep your little one engaged. Little Miss can lay on this for a good 30 minutes and be completely happy! I have to say that she is a very clingy baby, and cries A LOT, but when she is playing or just relaxing on this mat she is as happy as can be! My 20 month old little man loves this mat too! He gets so excited whenever I pull it out and he loves the mirror on it.  He loves to lay next to his little sister and enjoy this great item with her.

  I absolutely love this item! Not only does it keep my little ones entertained, but it is machine washable which I am sure you all know is a huge plus! It also comes in a convenient carrying case so you can take it with you to the park or anywhere else you might need it. This item retails for just $44.99 , your little one can get a lot of use out of this item during their first year if not longer, so this is a great buy!

 The second item I was sent is the Sunny Stroll. Now, I love all of the Tiny Love products I have been able to try out...but this just might be my favorite! This item can be used in so many places, so it is a lot of use in one product, which saves a lot of money! The first thing I just love about this product are the little "clips" that hold the Sunny Stroll onto items such as your stroller are completely adjustable. You will remember that the Take Along Mobile was the same way. I love this because this allows the Sunny Stroll to fit on a variety of items. We have used this on our swing, the pack n play and our infant carrier.

 Little Miss is just shy of 3 months old, so she isn't too interactive with the Sunny Stroll yet, but she loves looking at the items and when my Little Man or Big Guy decide to come by and pull on the little ball that makes the propeller spin she will let out a little giggle. This item retails for just $19.99 and one of you will win one of your own! Please fill out the entry form below for your chance to win. This giveaway will remain open until Saturday Dec. 8th, Good Luck!


Miranda W. said...

The 3 in 1 Rocker Napper looks great!

Megan Sutliff said...

The Musical Stack & Ball Game

Chelsea Hunt said...

Double-Sided First Book...tummy time and books, how great!

Ruth V. said...

The 3 in 1 Rocker Napper :)

Becky said...

I would love the 3 in 1 Rocker Napper or the Tiny Princess Move and Play! Our little girl is due March 5th, so this would be a fantastic prize to win:) Thanks for the chance!

Natasha said...

The rocker napper would be amazing to help keep baby safe from our other little ones.