The Story Of Three: Autism Tips/Topics and Update On Big Brother C

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Autism Tips/Topics and Update On Big Brother C

I Will Start This Post Out With An Update On Big Brother C & Than Continue On To Some Questions/Suggestions. 

We Had Big Brother C's ARD A Few Weeks Ago, A Touch Screen Computer Has Been Added To His Classroom Along With Sign Language Cards. These Are Just The Basic Signs Like Eat & More (For Example) That Have The Actually Sign On The Card. He Does Really Well With The Picture Communication Exchange & This Is What They Use At School. So When I Brought Up I Wanted Sign Language Incorporated More Into His Day, This Idea Was Created. So Not Only Will Sign Language Be Used In The Classroom, He Will Have Sign Cards Available For His Use. 

Another Thing That Was Discussed In The Recent ARD Was His Potty Training. Oh & By The Way, This Was Not A Full Blown ARD Or Our Annual, This Was Just To Make A Few Changes To His IEP & Goals. So, Onto The Potty Training, "C" Has Always Struggled With This & I Feel Like We've Been Potty Training For Four Years! When We Bought The iPad, That Was A Big Help With The Toileting He Was Able To Sit On The Potty & Watch One Of His Favorite Shows. Well, I Knew That Wasn't Going To Last Because We Couldn't Send The iPad To School. So We Went To Plan B, Dum Dum Suckers. Yup, You Read That Right! I Purchased A Huge Bag Of Dum Dum Suckers & Every Time It's Potty Time, My Son Gets A Sucker The Entire Time He Is Sitting On The Potty. Usually He Will Sit Until He's Finished With The Sucker, Half Of The Time He Goes, Half Of The Time He Doesn't. We've Only Been Using The Suckers For A Few Weeks, But I Can Already Tell A Difference! 

I Still Can't Believe In Just A Few Weeks He Will Be Turning 7, I Don't Think We Will Be Completely Out Of Pull Ups By Than, But Thanks To Those Dum Dum's We Are Making More Progress Every Day! 

Big Brother C Is A Smart Kido, He Just Lacks In The Communication Department & Has Alot Of Sensory Issues. Sign Language Will Always Be A Work In Progress, Finally He Can Do The Sign For "More" All On His Own! He Still Follows Verbal Commands Ok & Continues To Make Great Eye Contact. Occassionally I Will Still Get A "Yeah" Out Of Him Or Some Other Weird Jumble Of Letters, Lol. 

Ok, On To Answer Some Of Your Questions & Thoughts & Suggestions

Sign Language-
I Believe Is Very Important With A Special Needs Child To Have Sign Language As Part Of Their Communication. Start With The Basic Signs, "Eat, More, Yes, No", Etc. I Have Sign Language Apps On My iPhone & The iPad To Help Teach Me New Signs & The Sign Picture Cards Are At Home & At School. Children Have To Have A Way To Communicate, Even Though "C" Doesn't Always Sign Back, I Know He Understands The Signs I Am Signing To Him Along With The Verbal Command. 

Support Groups-
It Took Me A While To Accept The Fact That "C" Was Autistic, I Mean I Was A Single & Young Mother & I Had No Idea What The Future Would Hold. After Years Of Therapy & Schooling, I Finally Joined Support Groups & A Local Church That Has A Huge Heart For Special Needs Children. I Have Surrounded Myself With People Who Support Me & My Family, Who I Can Talk To Or Confide In When It Comes To My Son. I Have Also Joined A Support Group On Facebook, I Am More Involved Now Than I Ever Have Been. I Love That I Can Pick Up The Phone Or Shoot A Facebook Message To Someone Who Understands What My Life Is Like With My Son, Because, Well They Are Going Through The Same Thing.  You Are Not Alone, WE Are Not Alone In This Journey. It Might Be Scary At First To Reach Out, But Trust Me, You Will Be So Thankful You Did! 

Involvement In Your Community-
I Am So Blessed & Thankful That Even Though Big Brother C Has Autism & Is Mainly Non-Verbal, I Can Take Him Out Into The Community. He Goes With Me To The Grocery Store, The Local Parks, City Events, Church & More. There Are Alot Of Activities In The Community That Involve Special Needs Children. Our Local Mall Just Recently Had A Morning Available For Only Special Needs Children To Do Coloring Activities & Visit With "Santa" In A Low-Key Environment. Visit Your City's Website Or Autism Speaks & Autism Society Are Always Posting Events On Facebook. I've Even Seen Special Movie Screen Postings For Children With Special Needs & Their Families Only. 

Time For Your Spouse-
Make Time For Your Spouse Or Loved One, Trust Me, You & Him/Her Need It. Thankfully I Am Surrounded By People Who Help & Allow My Husband & I To Have Date Nights. They Are Much Needed & Help Keep That Relationship Strong. My Church Also Has A Night, Once A Month, That They Watch Special Needs Children So The Parents Can Have A Date Night. Yes, I Love My Children, Very Much, But It's Important That I Get My Space Too As Well As My Time With My Husband. 

Gifts For Children With Sensory Issues &/Or Fine Motor Skills-
It Is Always Challenging When I Am Gift Shopping For My Son, I Actually Thought This Year Was Going To Be Hard To Find Christmas For Him, But It Wasn't. I Thought About The Area's He Lacks In (Fine Motor & Sensory) & Bought Gifts To Help Him In Those Area's. You Can Find Toys/Gifts For Your Child At Regular Stores Or Online At Amazon But One Of My Favorite's Is Fun & Function. 

Here's Just A Few Ideas At A Few Of My Favorite Stores For My Son-

Rocketship Resistance Play Tunnel -My Son Has One At OT & Absolutely Loves It! 

Point To Happy Book- My Son Loves This & The Pointer! 

Magneatos Better Builder Set- I Have Seen This All Over The "Blog" World & If My Son Doesn't Get This For Christmas, I Am Going To Buy It For Him For His Upcoming Birthday. These Look Really Cool! 

Playdough- Sorry No Link, But You Can Find It Anywhere. It's Great For Fine Motor & Is Non-Toxic! This Is Another Table Top Favorite At Our House!

Lace & Trace Items- Another Great Item For Focus & Fine Motor

Of Course We Have Other Products We Love Like The Weighted Blanket, Weighted Lap Pads & Weighted Vests That We Use On A Regular Basis. 

A Big Suggestion On Toys/Gifts Is Just Go With Your Gut, I Would Never Buy My Son Anything With A Million Tiny Pieces Or With Choking Hazards. When It Comes To Christmas & Birthday For Him, I Usually Send Over A Few Ideas Via Email To Grandparents, Etc, So They Are Not Just Buying "Whatever" & Than You Have To Return It Or Exchange It Because It's Not Age Appropriate, Etc. 

If You Would Like Contacts Or Sites, Etc, More Resources, Feel Free To Comment Or Email Me, I Have Lots I Can Share! :)


KatePratt said...

I think these posts you do about autism are wonderful. It's not very well understood and for someone like you to share your experience goes a log way toward helping people understand. I thank you for that, very much.

Melissa Bo said...

I can understand what you are going thru. My 21 year old Son is mildly Autistic, non-verbal, and we are going thru the issues that you have described. Its not always easy, but there is support out there, and it sounds like you have a wonderful support plan in place!

And, I agree it is **very** important to take time out for yourself and you and your Husband.

One of our big Movie Theaters has started the special screening for kids with Autism in our community. They have had 2 so far..and I heard the first one had 450 people there!! ( I havent heard many were at the second one )

Keep up the great work! =)

karenmed409 said...

Great post, we are very lucky to have our youngest daugh. Each boy is so different, buying gifts gets hard each year, because it has to be something specific.. we can't go and buy a truck, because they will not play with one. We found when the boys were having trouble with bowel movement.. have them blow up a balloon, it uses the same muscles as going to the bathroom.