The Story Of Three: MacroLife Naturals Review

Monday, April 1, 2013

MacroLife Naturals Review

My big guy has always been a picky eater, however over the years he has expanded his variety of foods he will eat. As his mother I want him to get enough healthy foods at each meal but I know he is still lacking in nutrients. I was so excited when I came across MacroLife Naturals and their Macro Greens & Macro Reds drink mixes!

Macro Coco Greens & Macro Berri Reds are all natural mixes, the Macro Greens is a chocolate super food containing essential vitamins c, d & e along with three servings of fruits & vegetables! The Macro Berri Reds is a super fruits & berries mix with three servings of fruits & vegetables as well & contains 70% organic super fruits & berries plus essential vitamins, a, c & d. 

These mixes are easy to use & are great for kids! Made with no high fructose corn syrup or artificial ingredients, these multi-vitamin & mineral formula's are gluten & vegan free as well as low in sugars! Both mixes also contain healthy probiotics & enzymes that aid in digestion & support immune system!

I've been making a drink for my son once a day, just mix one scoop of mix into a glass of milk or water, stir or shake & enjoy! He really enjoyed the Macro Berri Reds but I think his favorite is the Macro Coco Greens, what kid doesn't love chocolate?! :)

If your always on the go like us, the Macro Greens superfood bars are great for a quick & healthy snack! These organic, anti-oxidant bars are packed with fruits, veggies & protein & they also contain probiotics. Made gluten & soy free in three delicious flavors like Fresh Berri Berri, Apple Lemon Ginger & Chocolate Cinnamon!

You can find MacroLife Naturals products at Whole Food stores & your local health food stores! Stay connected with MacroLife Naturals by visiting them on  Facebook & Twitter!

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(I was sent the above items for my review, all opinions are my own, no other compensation was received  Thank you MacroLife Naturals!)


betty baez said...

these sound great! and delicious too!

VickeC said...

my grandsons are so picky an I worry about them getting the nuturients they need,I think they would try this

Chelsea Rutledge said...

These sound and look yummy! My son would really like them! He is not into eating veggies! What a great review! Thank you!

lu413 said...

These look really good we will have to try them my son loves fruit leather!

Robin O said...

These sound great! I have not noticed them in stores, but I'll keep an eye out. I bet I would like the Macro Berri Reds!