The Story Of Three: Ribbit, A Random House Kids Book Review

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ribbit, A Random House Kids Book Review

Reading in our house is a daily activity, we love family story time & my children love getting new books! I am  a huge fan of Random House Kids & I was so excited to sit down & share with my children the story of a pig who opened his mouth & said "Ribbit!"

This cute & colorful story is about a little pink pig sitting on a rock surrounded by frogs. The frogs were so confused as to why they had a little pig in their pond! When the frogs tried to talk to the pig, the only thing he let out was "Ribbit!"

Eventually, weasel & a parrot along with the frogs started shouting at each other & completely ignored the little pig. The pig just sat there & practiced his "Ribbit!" They all went in search of the wise old beetle, but the beetle suggested that maybe the little pink pig just wanted to make friends. Sure enough, later on the pig found himself in a tree "Tweeting" with his new friends!

My daughter loved all of the animals in this book & has read it several times since the day it has arrived! Want your own copy? Purchase Ribbit online from Random House & it's available in hardcover book or an eBook! 

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(I received the item above for my review, all opinions are my own!)


Robin O said...

This sounds like such a fun story! There are lots of frogs around the pond near our home, so we hear 'ribbit' quite often (though not from a pig).
We will visit the Random House site to get a copy.

FireRunner2379 said...

We are big readers also, we started our kids at a very young age and it has turned into our bedtime ritual. Its important to have books that kids can read on their own to encourage them to want to do it.

VickeC said...

I love that book would go well in our collection we have for the grandkids

Natalie Parvis-Nichols said...

My son would love this. He loves to read!