The Story Of Three: Beyond The Fence Campaign

Friday, May 31, 2013

Beyond The Fence Campaign

Summer is a wonderful time opportunity to make new discoveries with your best friend. Dog Fence DIY encourages exploration beyond the fence! Dog Fence DIY is encouraging all animal lovers to get their furry family members out & about, after all they need sunshine & exercise just like other family members do!

We have two beautiful labs, our black lab is almost eight years old & our yellow lab is a little under two years. Both of them are rescue dogs & if you ask me, they are two spoiled, sweet-hearted girls! They are Hub's best friends & the first to greet him at the door after a long day of work. I can't even remember what life was like before dogs but I wouldn't trade it for the world! 

Dogs need care too, from chewing on dental bones to regular visits to the vet for teeth cleaning, shots & more, some days I feel like I have four children instead of two! Lol. I couldn't be more proud of our canine's though, not only are they great with Big Brother who has Autism & Little Sister, they tolerate lots of hugs, accidental hair or tail pulling, ear tugs, kisses & more. 

Our weather here has been wonderful & we've been enjoying every minute of it! "The Girls" favorite thing to do is ride along in the car, they love to go on car rides & usually do almost daily with either Hubby or I! Ms P (black lab) always hogs the front seat & Ms B (yellow lab) likes to stretch out in the back of the car, they both love to look out the window when we are out & about.

When "The Girls" aren't going on car rides, we are going on family walks at the local trails & there is even a few dog parks around us that we plan to visit asap since school is out for summer for our family! Our dogs love to run around in our neighborhood court (hoping to find other furry friends to play with or chasing a random squirrel) & of course they are always by our side when we are grilling or playing in the backyard! They obey very well & are big snuggle-rs, so much that they love to sleep in bed with us, no not at the foot at the bed, right in the middle of Hubby & I! Some days I have to look past the dog hair that covers the bedding, couch, floors, sometimes even our clothes & just smile when I see my children laying & playing with "The Girls" on the floor! 

Little Sister C is head over heals for Ms P & Ms B, what little girl wouldn't want an adorable dog for a best friend? Aren't they so cute, you should see her when she tries to walk them on a leash! How many canine(s) do you have in your family? Do you include them in your family outings & events, if so like what? Do you have a favorite trail or park they like to walk on, please share! 

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Megan Sutliff said...

Cute dogs! We don't have a dog, but hope to get one within the next 2 years! We would definitely include him/her in outdoor family outings :)

Melissa Stroh said...

We also have 2 dogs that were rescue dogs. They are such a major part of our family, they go with us EVERYWHERE!

JRFrugalMom and Family said...

We do not have any dogs, but I sure hope to some day.

Mer said...

Adorable pictures! My furry friend is a rescue dog as well, and she loves car rides too. I think she enjoys the ride to and from the dog park almost as much as her time there!

Julie Wood said...

WOW! You have a black lab that looks like my dog. It is so true during the summer months to take care of the dogs, and get them out to go on walks and my dog loves to go to the park by where I live. It is so true that dogs are like our kids because they need to have their health taken care of. Your dogs are so adorable!

Devon F said...

So cute! I think it's very important to include your pets in outdoor activities! I feel so bad for the ones that never leave the backyard :(