The Story Of Three: Enjoy Life Foods Review

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Enjoy Life Foods Review

Everyone has different dietary needs, the most common allergic food items are wheat, diary, nuts, egg, soy & fish-to name just a few. As most of you are aware my son is on the gluten-free diet, I feel it's one of the most common diet's associated with Autism. That being said, just because he is gluten-free doesn't mean he can't enjoy healthy, yummy & mouth watering desserts, snacks & more!

Enjoy Life Foods is a familiar name around these parts, not only are they a brand I rave about here at IHeart-Motherhood but most of my family has even tried them out & had great things to say! I can find their products at my local store or even purchase them online if I want too, either way Enjoy Life Foods makes an entire line of allergy friendly products my whole family enjoys & I'm sure yours would too!

I was recently introduced to Enjoy Life Food's New Decadent Soft Baked Bars, like all Enjoy Life products, these bars are gluten-free, contain no GMO's, nothing artificial & are free of the 8 most common allergens. Available in flavors like Cherry Cobbler, Chocolate SunButter, Cinnamon Bun & S'mores, these chocolate drizzled bars are great for anytime of the day!

My family enjoyed all of these delicious flavors, these didn't last long at all in my house! I think my favorite was the Cherry Cobbler, while my kids really enjoying the Chocolate SunButter! You can find cookies, cereals & even plentils at Enjoy Life Foods, stay connected with them on Facebook & Twitter!

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Robin O said...

These sound great! I would definitely like to try the Chocolate SunButter ones. One of my best friends eats gluten-free, so I will share these with her!