The Story Of Three: Febreze Deodorizing Powders Review

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Febreze Deodorizing Powders Review

We've been in our new home for a couple of months now & one of the changes we've had to make is adjusting to having carpet. Our previous rent house was complete tile, however our new house has four rooms that are carpeted. Hubby loves carpet & I don't mind it either but well with kids & dogs, I don't have to tell you what can be tracked into the carpet!!

Bissell is a familiar brand that comes to mind when I think about vacuums, steam mops & floor care. Bissell must of known that we were adjusting to life with carpet because they sent me a carpet deodorizing powder! Febreze Hawaiian Aloha Carpet Deodorizing Powder eliminates odors & freshens carpets & rugs! 

This is the only deodorizing powder endorsed by Bissell & not only am I in love with the Hawaiian Aloha scent, I couldn't believe how easy the powder was to use! Just sprinkle evenly over any area you'd like-carpet, rugs, curtains, floorboards of your car & more! After a few minutes, just vacuum thoroughly, that's it, told you it was easy! The deodorizing powder eliminates odors like smoke, garlic, mold & even mildew! It leaves a long lasting fragrance & removes more dirt & odors than just vacuuming alone. 

So what do you think? Purchase your own Febreze Deodorizing Powders from Bissell online for only $3.49! Stay connected with Bissell on Facebook & Twitter!

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(I received this Febreze Deodorizing Powder free from BISSELL Homecare, Inc. but am under no obligation to write a review. What I’m writing here are my own opinions based on my own use of the product)

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Maria Iemma said...

This is such a good product. I love the Febreze scents in the house.