The Story Of Three: HAAN Power and Finesse SI75 Review and Coupon Code

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

HAAN Power and Finesse SI75 Review and Coupon Code

Having children means being able to accept that your house will never be the same again, there will be toys everywhere, hand prints on door knobs, unknown stickiness on your walls & dirty floors! I am such a germ freak (yes, i'm that Mom) that our house is cleaned daily, I keep disinfecting wipes available & because our house is a high traffic area, our floors are cleaned almost daily. 

We have tile floor in about half of our house & the bedrooms & play room is done in carpet, hopefully within the next six months we will have new hardwood laminate laid down. In the mean time however, between three dogs & two kids, our tile & carpeted floors need all of the help they can get. 

I was recently introduced to HAAN steam cleaners & the day the Power & Finesse SI75 showed up at my door, was the day my cleaning routine was changed for life! This fully functional steam mop transforms into a handheld steam cleaner so you can get your entire house clean, top to bottom!

The HAAN Power & Finesse SI75 provides a natural, safe & chemical free cleaning, you won't find me buying a mop or floor cleaner ever again! The Smart Steam technology kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria & dust mites in your home, talk about amazing!

The Power & Finesse includes a six piece deluxe attachment with an extra long extension hose, removable water tank, swivel head to get to hard to reach places & the electronic pump provides continuous steam. 

This steam mop is so easy to use & only takes 20 seconds to heat up, built with 15 steam jets to provide a wide cleaning path & includes a carpet guide along with two re-usable ultra microfiber pads! So whatever type of floor you have in your house, the HAAN Power & Finesse SI75 will have it safely cleaned & you can even use it to remove stains out of your carpet! 

We have truly enjoyed having the Power & Finesse in our house, not only do I love that we no longer have any harsh chemicals on our floor but my floor isn't soaking wet after use like it was with my old mop & bucket! Be sure to check out my short clip below & excuse my nervousness, this is only my second video that I've posted here on the blog!

Check out HAAN's complete line of hand-held steam cleaners online & stay connected with them on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest!

Purchase your own HAAN Power & Finesse directly from their website & save $15 with code IHeartMay. The coupon is only valid from May 1st until May 15th! 

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(I was sent the item above for my review, all opinions are my own & no other compensation was received!) 


Thrifty Nifty Mommy said...

Man, I would LOVE to own one of those! That looks so easy to use! Thanks for the review!

Amanda Coburn said...

I love that you can use this on your carpets too!

Megan Sutliff said...

Looks like this is something I need! Great video review, I always appreciate seeing the product in action!

Alex Harrison said...

That is AWESOME! I have two dogs so unfortunately no matter how much I clean, my house is always messy, but this looks like it would help a LOT! Thanks for the coupon code!

Courtney B said...

wow i want this! with 5 kids things get messy around here!