The Story Of Three: Kohls Shopping Trip and Savings

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kohls Shopping Trip and Savings

I absolutely love shopping & my list for our new house is sooo long! I've been trying to purchase things when they go on sale or if I happen to have a coupon etc. 

Kohls was having a really great sale today & I knew rugs for our house was on my list, my first stop the clearance section!

 I found three amazing rugs in the clearance section, once I got to check out I remembered I had a $10 off coupon that I received in the mail!

The rug for my dogs water/food bowls, was priced at $11.99, I paid $5.99. The square rug for my kitchen was priced at $16.99, I paid $6.79 & my biggest savings-the chenille rug, priced at $39.99, I paid $7.99!

So with my $10 off coupon,  my total out the door was $11.66!
That's a savings of over $58! Amazing!

So have you found any good shopping deals lately? Care to share?

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(This was not a sponsored post, just thought I'd share my great shopping deal. These items were found at my North Fort Worth Kohl's store!)

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