The Story Of Three: Mobile Fun Review

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mobile Fun Review

I am a pretty big fan of the iPhone, I use apps, talk, text & check my emails daily on my device. Well several surrounding cities have enforced laws for safety that don't allow you to use your device unless it's hands free. A few cities won't let you text at all while driving & other cities don't allow you to use any kind of device except for a hands free device while traveling through school zones. Well when I have my children in the car, my main focus is their safety, I am a very observant driver & I don't need any distractions, including my cell phone. 

Mobile Fun has allowed me finally to be hands free while driving in my car! The Universal VisorBlade Bluetooth Drive Pack arrived with everything I needed to set up hands free driving, the quick & easy way! My kit arrived with a Clip "N" Talk Visor Blade, Universal Claw Holder & a USB Car Charger Adapter, I was very excited & couldn't wait to try everything out!

I set up everything in my SUV & it literally just took me a few minutes & then it was ready for use! The Universal Claw Holder easily attaches to my windshield & can be used at different angles, even with the use of an Otterbox. I love that I can follow my map app, let the kids watch a video or with the help of Siri, make a phone call to Hubby, all hands free! The USB Car Charger Adapter just plugs in to your car & connects to your USB charging cable for your phone, never get caught out & about with a dead cell phone battery ever again! I am really in love with the Clip "N" Talk Visor Blade, I can make a call safely, legally & once turned on it connects to your device on it's own, no hassle for you & it's instant! The Bluetooth features a mute button, visor clip, noise reduction & you can even control the volume!

You can find everything you need at Mobile Fun, accessories for your iPhone, iPad, tablets & so much more! From headphones to cases, docks, screen protectors & more, I find their prices affordable & I also love that other users have posted reviews of items on the website-makes choosing my items to purchase a little easier!

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(I was sent the items above for my review, all opinions are my own & no other compensation was received!) 

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