The Story Of Three: Old Navy White Jeans

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Old Navy White Jeans

If you've been follow IHeart-Motherhood for a while you are quite aware that I have an addiction, to shopping that is! :) I love to shop, especially when it comes to purchasing clothes for my family & children! I have one main go to store that always pleases me every trip when I am looking for clothing for myself, Old Navy!

Not only does Old Navy carry a variety of styles for every member of the family, they have a huge selection of sizes online & in-store. I can always find great sales at Old Navy when I'm browsing in store & if you don't have one near you, you can easily shop online & they usually have a coupon code for a certain percent off your purchase! 

Spring & summer are here & it's time to switch my wardrobe over, thanks to Old Navy I have fallen in love with the Sweetheart Jeans! I own several pairs & my latest addition to my closest is a pair of Old Navy White Skinny Jeans in the Sweetheart style, can you say loooovvveee at first sight!?

Thanks to Crowdtap, my closest friend & I headed out to Old Navy one evening, drooled over their New white jean skinny collection & picked out our favorite style! We gave the cashier our Free Coupons (again thanks to Crowdtap) & went home to model our new jeans! 

I absolutely adore my new white jeans & I can't believe I actually own a pair! Having two kids I would of never thought about wearing white, but I love them! They fit great & I think they look fabulous on me, dress them up or down, either way, Old Navy has once again made me & my wardrobe, very very happy!

Stay connected with Old Navy on Facebook & Twitter & you can find White Jeans on sale right know for $19!

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(I am a member of Crowdtap & Old Navy Style Council, they provided me and a friend with a coupon for a free pair of jeans for our review. All opinions are my own, thanks!)

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