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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Shopping Deal

So I love shopping for my children (which is no secret to anyone who knows me) so while at Mom's Night Out at my local mall today I stopped in to Crazy 8 stores!

I love Crazy 8 & with the seasons changing I knew I could find some crazy deals!

They had three rows of clearance so I checked them out & found four pieces for my daughter for fall 2013!

Yes, I am that Mom that shops ahead an entire season. It's not that hard, I just buy items one size up & store them in my childrens closets until I'm ready to use them.

So today's deals at Crazy8,
3 long sleeve shirts for my daughter-Regular Price $9.95 to $12.95 each, I paid $2.99 a piece!
1 pair of leggings-Regular Price-$12.95, I paid $4.99
That's a savings of over $30!

Have you found any great deals lately? 

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(I received no compensation for this post, I happened to come across this amazing deal & wanted to share. This shopping spree took place at a Simon Mall in North Texas.)

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JRFrugalMom and Family said...

We do not have any Crazy 8 stores around, but I have found some fantastic clearance deals at Gymboree lately.

I always sign up for the free parenting and family magazines, because a lot of them have a 20 percent off Crazy 8 and a 20 percent off Gymboree coupon in them. The coupon is off the entire purchase, and I never go to Gymboree without it.