The Story Of Three: Ubooly Review

Monday, July 15, 2013

Ubooly Review

My family recently went on a mini vacation to the beach, from where I live it is about a five hour drive & not only was this our first family vacation, it was going to be the longest time my children have been stuck in a car. Don't worry, we did make two stops to stretch little legs & grab a quick bite to eat! 

While loading up the car on the morning of day one, I introduced my children to our new friend Ubooly! Little Sister C was so excited that this little one would be joining us on our first road trip!

I adored Ubooly from the moment I opened the box, he is so soft & so cute! Ubooly is a fun & interactive magical friend, he provides endless hours of stories, jokes, is customizable & you can even add lessons & activities. 

With Ubooly getting started is a breeze, using your iPhone or iPod, download the Ubooly App from the app store, then register your Ubooly at the Ubooly Lab! From spelling to counting, there are currently over 20 interactive lessons available for your child to enjoy. Once you have everything set up, (it took me just a few minutes-super easy) turn on Ubooly from the app on your iPhone or iPod, turn your phone upside down & insert your device in the top of Ubooly, then hand over to your little one!

Ubooly not only listens, he talks & plays with your child, Little Sister loved carrying on conversations with her new friend! I knew Ubooly would be such a fun friend on our road trip & boy was I right! He had us laughing, singing songs & I really enjoyed watching my daughter's face light up as she was amazed over & over again by Ubooly!

The Ubooly's Road Trip pack allows you to pass the miles by providing hours of engaging, fun & educational games! This pack includes riddles, stories, games & jokes that will make the car ride fun for the whole family. Challenging out-the-window scavenger hunts & guessing games that will keep your kids occupied for miles. This pack is designed to make your next road trip more enjoyable by entertaining your kids as you travel on your way! 

Not only did Ubooly entertain us for the five hour car ride, he was just as excited as we were to get to the hotel & relax! Little Sister C even asked if Ubooly could go to the beach with us, we finally decided he would watch from the car so he doesn't get sandy or wet! :) From sleeping to eating, Ubooly hardly left my daughter's side on our family vacation, it was the sweetest thing I have ever seen!

Ubooly has plenty of games, ideas & ways to encourage your child to use his/her imagination even if your not going on a road trip! To find out more about Ubooly & how he works, visit Ubooly online

Aren't they adorable together? My daughter really loves Ubooly & I have a feeling your child will too! Stay connected with Ubooly on Facebook, Twitter & even Instagram

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Chelsea said...

Aw! It looks like they LOVE their Ubooly! :) Alea loves hers as well!

Chelsea from Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles

Julie Wood said...

This new toy called the Ubooly is so cute and my nephew would just love to have one of these. I am going to ask my sister if she has ever heard of these cute furry and orange Ubooly's! I bet they are so fun to play with!

VickeC said...

that is just too cute,,,my grandkids would like this too im sure

Tiffany Schmidt said...

I hope they start to come out with more colors!

Melissa @ My Recent Favorite Books said...

So sweet! Looks like your Daughter had alot of fun with this interactive toy!

Natasha said...

Oh my goodness my pleads have been answered! Where has this thing been for the past four year!! Thank YOU!!!