The Story Of Three: Back To School Gluten Free With Udi's

Friday, August 16, 2013

Back To School Gluten Free With Udi's

Since 1994 Udi's has been building up their gluten free community, today they are the #1 gluten free brand in America & in 2009 they opened their first 100% gluten free dedicated bakery. Not only can you find Udi's at grocery stores or online, they are also available at stadiums like the At&t Park!

With Big Brother C headed back to school, I knew he would need gluten-free options that were healthy, easy as well as delicious & Udi's has just what we were looking for. From dairy, soy & nut free soft tortillas to cherry walnut granola clusters with active Omega 3, they sent a mouth-watering package for my family to try out.

I'm so excited to send my son back to school with Udi's, one of many things I love about Udi's, is my entire family can enjoy them. There is no "different" taste & you don't even know you are eating gluten free. 

My son couldn't eat the muffins fast enough, I even made chicken enchilada's with the gluten-free tortilla's & everyone enjoyed them with out even noticing they were Udi's! The granola bars with antioxidants will be the perfect afternoon snack & I can't wait to fire up the grill with Udi's hamburger buns! 

What are some gluten free foods at Udi's that you'd like to try? Shop for Udi's online or at your local health food store, I even found Udi's products at my local Walmart, Krogers & Sprouts! Stay connected with them on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest!

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(I was sent the items above for my review, all opinions are my own & no other compensation was received)


VickeC said...

ok,im going to ask a really stupid,,why is it important for them to be gluten free? what is the issue with products with gluten? im not trying to be a wisecracker,I just don't understand

J @ IHeart-Motherhood said...

Thanks for your question Vicke, that's not a stupid question. Being gluten-free is just a diet we chose that works for my son. :)If you'd like to find out more, just search gluten-free on google, there are tons of good reads. :)