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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Livin' The Green Life Pink Lemonade Shop

*This is a guest review from Janessa of the blog Thrifty Nifty Mommy. Janessa received free products from Pink Lemonade Shop in exchange for her honest review.*

I'm really excited today to talk to you about mama cloth. Now, maybe you have no idea what that is. I didn't know myself until about 3 years ago. Mama cloth is just another term for reusable, washable menstrual pads. Now, if I'm being honest, I would have to say that once I learned what it was, I said, "ewww!" Then I said, "ewww!" again, and again, and again. I kept hearing bloggers and other green moms talking about how much they loved it, and I just turned my nose up at it. Then one day I had a realization. I used reusable diapers on my children and I didn't think that was "ewww!". They pooped and peed in those things daily, but I wasn't grossed out by that. SO, I decided that before I said, "ewww!" again, I would give them a try.

Well, by the time I came to the conclusion that I would give mama cloth a try, I was already pregnant with my son, Jacob, and therefore did not really have a need for it. Still, I got  myself a few reusable pads and had them ready to go for postpartum bleeding after Jacob was born. I used the disposable pads for about 2 days after his birth, then made the switch. After just 1 day, I was sold! Using mama cloth was SO much more comfortable than those disposable things. Not only that, but there is something about putting pretty, soft fabrics into your underwear, instead of those sticky plastic things, that just makes you happier.

So, ever since discovering that mama cloth is, in fact, not "ewww!" but rather AMAZING, I've been wanting to increase my small stash. Pink Lemonade Shop contacted me about reviewing some of their pads (free of charge, in exchange for my honest opinions) so I agreed right away!

I was sent 3 mama cloth pads from Pink Lemonade Shop, and here they are:

The biggest one is the 13 inch Postpartum Pad. It has a minky top (with owls, I couldn't resist!), a hidden layer of bamboo fleece for absorbency, and a fleece backing. Not only is this a good size for postpartum, it's also great for overnight use.

The middle-sized pad is a 10 inch pad, again with a minky top, hidden layer of bamboo fleece for absorbancy, and a fleece backing. This size is designed for moderate to heavy flow.

The smallest pad is an 8 inch, and for this one I got it with a cotton top, with bamboo fleece in the middle and a fleece backing.  It is designed for everyday to light flow days.

I've tried wearing these pads throughout the day and I love them all! The 8 inch pad is truly perfect for everyday wear. I honestly could hardly even tell I was wearing it. The other two are so minky soft, believe me, you will not want to switch back to disposables!

I highly, highly suggest checking out Pink Lemonade Shop for mama cloth! If you haven't given it a try yet, just buy 1 or 2 and see what you think. I'm pretty sure, you'll go back for more!

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