The Story Of Three: Motor Oil Matters Oil Change Checklist

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Motor Oil Matters Oil Change Checklist

Over the summer I partnered with Motor Oil Matters & got my oil changed in my SUV, not only did I learn something new, I had no idea how important an oil change checklist was!

How much do you know about oil changes? Next time you need an oil change, I highly recommend taking the MOM's Oil Change Checklist. 

With my oil change, I have a sticker on my window that let's me know when it's time for my next change, it provides the date & mileage. Once you arrive to your Mom-licensed installer, be sure to ask what they are pouring in your vehicle, along with a full oil change be sure your oil filter gets replaced!

I always keep my receipts so be sure to grab yours when your oil change is complete. It's so important to maintain your car, even more so when you have an older car or one with higher mileage. 

Thanks to MOM's Oil Change Checklist, my SUV has passed the checklist & running great! Find out more about Motor Oil Matters online & stay connected with them on Facebook & Twitter!

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VickeC said...

I think this is a wonderful program,,it helps ppl like me who don't have a clue about that is supposed to be done at a car check up an oil change

Matt Hardy said...

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