The Story Of Three: Old Navy Shopping Deal

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Old Navy Shopping Deal

Here in TX, this up coming weekend is Tax-Free weekend, but you won't find me out shopping. Nope. I like to avoid the crowds & I also do some of my shopping online. Well I received a coupon in my local paper for Old Navy & I had a gift card. So guess where I went this morning? Just thought I would share some of my fabulous deals with you & if your heading out for Tax-Free weekend, this would be one stop on my list! 

Price break down:
Short sleeve graphic tee-$10
Boys v-neck-$9.94-clearance $4.47
Dress-$24.94-clearance $11.97
Black leggings-$10
Toddler print leggings-$8.94-clearance $3.99
Striped 3/4 long sleeve shirt was found on clearance with no tag-$3.44
Striped long sleeve shirt was found on clearance with no tag-$2.14
Striped black tee-$9.50

Keep in mind I had a $10 off coupon & a $50 gift card, my receipt says I saved $12.50, but with out knowing the original price of both of those striped tees, I know I saved way more than that! I did pay about $20 out of pocket for all of this, but I scored $20 super cash! Can't wait to use that in Sept!

So what deals have you scored lately? 

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(I was not compensated for this post, just thought I would share with my readers about  my shopping trip)

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Julie Wood said...

What a great bargains you found at the Old Navy! I really like everything that you bought. Wow! I have to go there again and look around. What deals, I am so impressed with your shopping!!