The Story Of Three: One week until school starts

Sunday, August 18, 2013

One week until school starts

Well summer is almost over, it's back to school season & I have to say I am a little nervous about this school year! We've had a fun & busy summer, lots of swimming, water park time, a vacation to the beach & more. I think this is the best summer we've ever had, it's been simply wonderful! My son is heading into second grade & I enrolled my daughter in part time day care (they call it preschool) at my Mother's school. 

While I'm happy to be back on a routine, I'm nervous about how the school year will be for my son, I am hoping for fun & positive days as well as reaching new goals. I'm also praying that he has no issues eating lunch at school, last year we went through a few days here & there where he didn't want what I sent for him & would go all day without eating. I've provided more gluten-free options this year, some new items as well as some past favorites, so I'm feeling pretty positive about lunch time so far. :)

One week until the first day, we will spend this week getting on the back to school routine, getting things organized & ready to go. 

When do your children return to school? How was your summer?

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VickeC said...

we had a okay summer didn't do too much ,,had some issues that kept us from doing much,,my husband an I moved from TN to VT ,,we have a small house in both places so we didn't have to move furniture,just us..but still wasn't easy,,driving 1200 miles ,we have kids an family in both places