The Story Of Three: Week Five

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Week Five

5 weeks down, wow, I can't believe I've been on this weight loss journey for 5 weeks. My brother has also been gone for 5 weeks, I did get a letter from him last week & I am still writing him at-least once a week. He's doing great & even got promoted to Guide, so happy to see he's staying positive & hanging in there. 

I am on day 19 of squat challenge, 160 squats today. Most mornings my legs feel like jello but it's worth it! 

I am down into the 140's, so I am feeling great & super excited. I need to measure myself in inches I just keep forgetting. 

I did have to remind myself today when I was exhausted & sore that it's a weight loss journey, it won't happen over night & it's a life style change not a temporary phase. 

The heat isn't helping & i'm ready for cooler temps, going to be in the 100's this week so I'm going to try to work out in the mornings after I take my son to school. 

I've also been drinking 6-8 bottles of water or more a day, my body is loving it!

Thanks for keeping up with me & reading my weekly updates!

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Tiffany Schmidt said...

Good for you girl. I said on your last post I was going to try the squat challenge as well, and still haven't. Ugh. I will though! Congrats on your success.

Kristine@thefoleyfam said...

SO awesome! You inspire me and love that you're sharing your journey! XOXOOX

J @ IHeart-Motherhood said...

Thanks Tiffany!

J @ IHeart-Motherhood said...

Thanks Kristine! :)