The Story Of Three: Week Three Update

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Week Three Update

It's week three of work outs & my weight loss journey. To say I am sore is an understatement! Lol
I also started the 30 day squat challenge, as of today I am on day 6. 
It's pretty amazing to see what your body can do when you push it. 
I only lost a pound this week, I am still trying to adjust my schedule to get plenty of work outs in during the week, I think I'm ready for the 100 degree weather to go!

I did get my first letter from my baby brother the other day, I almost cried reading it, October 18th can't come fast enough, I'm ready to see him & watch him graduate as a Marine.

Thanks for all your comments, love & support, I'm ready to start another week!

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Julie Wood said...

That is so good about doing these exercises! Good luck on your weight loss. That is so nice about your brother writing you and he graduates in October. I have been to one of the Marines graduations and it is very moving and you get so proud of all those young people!

Robin O said...

The heat can definitely be a deterrent to workouts...I just try to stay hydrated and stay motivated. Keep up the good work!

Tiffany Schmidt said...

I haven't heart of the squat challenge. I think I may do it as well. I'll be a week behind you, so I'll know what to expect ;)
What a great gift to get a letter from your brother. You are a stronger family for making it through this tough time. Your country and readers thank you.

Laura said...

I've never heard of this challenge either! Thanks for the inspiration!