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Monday, September 30, 2013

Baby Vital Signs Monitor

Baby's Fairy is the world’s first Baby vital signs monitor composed of a wristband and a parent base. When the baby has the bracelet on his or her wrist, parents can monitor heart rate and body temperature. The base will alert you in case of abnormal signs giving you a total peace of mind.

Made of a medical grade silicone band, Baby's Fairy uses unique sensors that make this revolutionary piece of technology very safe for your baby. Parents are able to follow vital signs up to 32.8 Yards (30 meters). Our LCD screen will display live information such as heart rate, body temperature, vital signs status, connection strength and battery level. In addition, Baby's Fairy features different alarms programmed to alert you.

We called our monitor Baby’s Fairy because it looks after your baby’s health. Like a fairy will do, our vital signs monitor is your baby’s little guardian. It is reassuring to know you can count on us to give you accurate data of your loved angel.

Because your baby is the most important thing in your life, it is essential to give her or him what is best for their safety. With our baby monitors, your baby is in good hands!

François DONNET - founder - father of two: "Becoming a father was the most extraordinary event in my life. On the opposite, welcoming our newborn son at home was the most stressful moment in my life. Indeed, I felt helpless and very anxious about my son's health. It took me weeks before I could sleep more relaxed. Until now, I am checking my son breathing at night or during nape time!"

Every parents had experienced this anxiety during the first years of their baby’s life. As François couldn't find a solution to this stress, he decided to fill this need for vital signs monitor. After extensive research, he finally found the right technology and decided to develop the device.

Baby's Fairy is easy for any caregiver to use. No matter who is caring for your baby, Baby’s Fairy is watching. Baby's Fairy is ready to use right out of the box. No need to install an app or software. It is portable and convenient to carry in a diaper bag. You can keep it with you all day while with your baby. You can even leave it at the nursery with your baby or anywhere else you need. Baby’s Fairy will always follow your baby.

Baby’s Fairy is made for all babies, whether they are healthy, premature or fragile. It is suggested for use for babies and toddlers up to age three. Baby's Fairy is not only for anxious parents. While, sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS is the most feared condition, it is not the only risk for your baby. A high fever is very common for babies. It is also the biggest threat for your little one as it can come up very quickly and cause irreversible damage to your baby's health. If it happens during night and parents are sleeping, it is often to late too act. With our monitor, this is no longer a problem.

Baby's Fairy is very simple to use. Place the bracelet on the left wrist of your baby. The monitor and bracelet willimmediately connect and communicate. The wristband is using an advanced heart rate sensor as well as a micro resistor to scan body temperature.

We are using a very low power and frequency module which is FCC certified (Federal Communications Commission) and very safe for babies. The bracelet will transmit heart rate data every three seconds and temperature data every five seconds. If you move out of range from the bracelet, the parent base will alert you. You are always sure to be constantly looking after your baby's vital signs. At night, the backlight from the LCD will display all the information. Simply press the on/off button and the backlight will switch on.

After two years in development with top researchers and medical consultants, we have working prototypes. With those, we performed multiple successful tests to make sure Baby’s Fairy is accurate and reliable. The hardware and software are now ready to go to industrialization. Industrial design is completed and plastic molds are being constructed. Required certification has started and we are days from getting our approvals. We expect to start high scale production from mid October 2013.

After two years working hard on this project, we are few weeks away from launching our monitor. To make this unique technology available to millions of parents around the world, we need your help. Your contribution will allow us to finalize our manufacturing tools and to start producing on a high scale level.

Supporting Baby's Fairy is also a social obligation. We could save thousands of babies’ life each year. All thanks to you! So be sure to join us in this extraordinary journey and book yours today. If you are a future or current parent, or if your friends are, this is the perfect gift for a baby. By helping us today, you will provide the best answer for parent stress. More sleep for them and less stress will help them in their daily life so they can have better quality time with the ones they love.

Technical specifications:

Baby's bracelet
• Medical grade silicone band
• Adjustable wristband from 0.3 in (7.5 mm) to 0.51 in (13 mm)
• Battery life: 48 hours autonomy
• Built-in battery: 3.7v, 400 mAh Li-ion
• Micro USB connector
• Low power RFID module: up to 30 meters communication
• On/off button
• Heart rate advanced sensor
• Temperature sensor
• 2 colors: Baby pink & Baby blue

Parent Base
• High quality matt finish ABS
• LCD screen: 128x64 pixels, backlight
• Battery life: 48 hours autonomy
• Built-in battery: 3.7v, 1 000 mAh Li-ion
• Low power RFID module: up to 30 meters communication
• On/off button
• Time setting buttons
• Mute button
• Automatic pairing with bracelet

LCD screen will display
• Connection status
• Bracelet and Parent base battery level
• Time
• Vital signs status
• Body temperature (f° or c°)
• Heart rate level (bpm)

Alerts is on if
• Bracelet and Parent base connection is lost
• Temperature is over 100.4°f (38°c) or below 95.9°f (35.5°c)
• Heart rate is over 165 bpm or below 60 bpm
• Battery needs to be recharged
• LCD screen will flash in case of alert

François DONNET is the founder & has gained a ten years experience in Entrepreneurship, business and retail management. Furthermore, he holds a MBA in Finance from University ofBallarat, Australia as well as a Masters degree from INSEEC Paris, France. He is the brains of our project.

Dr. Sebastien MURCIA  is the Cofounder, Sebastien holds a Doctorate of Surgery from the University of Toulouse (France). He completed his internship in Oncology at the pediatric department of the Institute Gustave Roussy in Paris. One of the world’s leading cancer-research institutes and the biggest health center dedicated to oncology in Europe.Sebastien is a founder and our chief advisor for Baby’s Fairy.

Dr. H. SASSI is also a Cofounder, Dr Sassi had accumulated more than 20 years of experience as family practitioner. He performed his internship at the hospital of Algiers in Pediatric section. As a founder, he managed our testing process including product calibration and tests.

Jonathan TARPY is an entrepreneur, blogger and lifestyle business enthusiast. He has worked with hundreds of small business owners as well as some of the world's largest brands to bring unique product ideas to life and to the market. Based in Taiwan he is our eyes and interface with our R&D engineers as well as our suppliers.

The Industrial Technology Research Institute located in Taiwan is a nonprofit R&D organization founded in 1973. Over 5 500 personnel are working with ITRI, including 1385 who hold Ph.D.s and 3100 with master’s degrees. ITRI has long-term collaborative agreements with MIT, Carnegie Mellon University, the University of California at Berkeley and Stanford University. Globally, it has 23 international cooperation with major companies such as IBM, HP, Microsoft, Nokia, Sun Microsystems. ITRI is responsible for our technology development as well as product hardware and software. For our future customers, it is a guarantee of reliability, performance and innovation.

Questions & answers:

Has Baby's fairy been designed to only watch overnewborns ?
No, the sensors in the bracelet have been calibrated to address infants of any age from premature to toddlers up to three years old. The re-sizable wristband of the bracelet allow you to useit while your baby is growing.
What can I consider as a normal heart rate for my child ?
Based on the child´s age, a normal resting heart rate should be within the following ranges:
• Newborns (0 - 3 months old): 100 - 150 beats per minute
• Infants (3 - 6 months old): 90 - 120 beats per minute
• Infants (6 - 12 months old): 80 - 120 beats per minute
• Children 1 - 10 years: 70 - 130 beats per minute
Will the radio emissions be harmful to my baby ?
We use a wireless technology called RFID. It is a multi-mode, low power, networkable wireless solution. It has very low transmission power of around 1mW. In comparison, a cell phone as a transmission power of 500mW in average. All things being equal, it means that our technology is 500% safer than a cell phone.
Does the baby´s bracelet is waterproof ?
Neither the baby´s bracelet nor the monitor are waterproof. You should avoid exposing them to water source. When giving your baby a bath, remember to remove the bracelet.
How do I pair the two devices ?
Your Baby´s Fairy devices are already paired together. You just need to switch them ON and they will communicate automatically together.
How long does it take for the monitor to display the right data?
Sensors are very sensitive and need to get the accurate info from your baby´s vital signs status by analyzing them first. Therefore, you have to allow the system five minutes before it gives the right data.
What is the battery life ?
For the bracelet and the parent base, it is around 48h each. This data might move up and down according to the distance between the two devices. The battery life is also affected by the structure of your home. If there is a concrete wall between the two devices, the connection could be weaker and so the system will use more battery.
What is included in the box ?
All boxes include a full set: baby bracelet and parent base. A wall socket is also included with micro usb cable.
When is the soonest I can get a monitor ?
Estimated shipping dates for the device begin in December 2013. Our goal is to have the shipment out to you earlier. Special edition may ship a bit later than classic Baby girl and Baby boy. This we promise: we are working around the clock to bring this to market, and as soon as it is ready, it will be sent out to you!

To find out more about Baby Vital Signs Monitor, visit them online!

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