The Story Of Three: ChangeClothing Giveaway

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

ChangeClothing Giveaway

One week, one cause, one design. You choose which charity, changeclothing will pay. Human, animal, earth & outreach, it's simple, changeclothing is fashion with compassion. They are a community comprised of "Warriors of Change" who raise awareness and funding for organizations in need.

Each week, changeclothing artistis make one "limited edition" custom designed shirt, representing one specific cause for a small group of carefully selected charities to raise proceeds and awareness for their mission. When you make a purchase, they let you chose which organization receives your donation.

Four categories and causes are featured such as human, animal, earth and outreach. At the root of every charitable cause are lives, the lives of people, the lives of animals and the life of our environment. Chronic diseases, natural disasters, homelessness, poverty, cruelty and neglect all affect these lives. These are the lives that need change.

Changeclothing strive's to make the world better for humans, the animals we share this beautiful earth with and the earth itself. The last category is what they call outreach, and it's very special to them.

What is outreach? Think local, think one person, one family or one organization in dire need of help. The outreach campaign is there for "the people". As a valued member of the changeclothing community, they ask you to send in stories of need to, their team will sift through the compelling stories and through their Facebook page, they ask people to vote which causes you want to raise proceeds towards. Outreach campaigns are about "Power to the People, for the People".

Changeclothing's platform is simple, make an impact. It's about the power of many, working together as one to form something much larger than ourselves. Let's build a community of friends who are dedicated to creating sustainable, positive, tangible change for those who need it most.

This week's campaign features animals in shelters, tragically, 6+ homeless pets are killed each MINUTE in America's shelters. Among the animals entering shelters today, an estimated 90 percent are adoptable, or could be with proper care and treatment. This week, your $8 will go toward a charity of your choosing, which dedicates itself to preserving animal lives through rescue and rehabilitation initiatives and promoting humane treatment of all animals. By wearing your shirt proudly, you will help bring awareness and support to this growing issue. Please spay and neuter your pets to combat overpopulation of these precious animals.

Buy It: Purchase this week's campaign shirt online & make a difference! 

Win It: One lucky reader will win this weeks shirt featured above!

Use the rafflecopter to enter, good luck!

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Mindy Cole said...

I learned that they donate money to help rescue animals in need

latanya t said...

changeclothing was born out of two essential needs we as humans share; a communal need to contribute to something greater than ourselves, and a need to grow

Jennifer T. said...

I learned that they've donated to Missing and Exploited Children in the past.

Laurie Nykaza said...

$8 will go toward a charity of your choosing and in this your helping animals and getting some cool clothing too . The campaign shirt is so cute love to wear one