The Story Of Three: ThunderLeash Review

Saturday, September 14, 2013

ThunderLeash Review

We are animal lovers in my house, you may occasionally see Ms P & Ms B around here on the blog, they are both labs & are super sweethearts! They were both rescue pups & have really come along way since the first day we adopted them. A few months ago ThunderWorks sent me a ThunderShirt for Ms P, she has bad anxiety when it thunders & doesn't do well during storms at all. The ThunderShirt was a huge hit & I can't believe we ever went with out it! 

Well ThunderWorks has done it again with the ThunderLeash & if you own a puppy or dog, this is one leash you have got to have! The ThunderLeash is available in a size small or large, it easily converts from a standard leash to a no-pull harness! It works similar to the ThunderShirt, applying a gently pressure on the dog's torso, so when the dog pulls, the harness causes them to stop pulling.

The ThunderLeash has been great to have, Ms P doesn't pull as much as Ms B (she's had a little bit more training) but our new leash makes it so much easier to walk with the girls! I don't feel like they are walking me as much anymore, the ThunderLeash is easy to use as well as it takes just seconds to convert to the harness!

Ms P is featured here showing off how well she behaves on the leash, both girls get really excited anytime I get a leash out, so Ms B was too happy for me to snap pictures! :) I'd really like to get another ThunderLeash, since most of the time we walk both dogs together, ThunderWorks has so many great products for pet anxiety for your cat or dog!

With both of my dogs being rescued dogs, they do show different degrees of anxiety at different times & thanks to ThunderWorks we are slowly making progress & I am so excited! Did you see they even have ThunderTreats available? You can stay connected with ThunderWorks by liking them on Facebook & following them on Twitter!

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(I was sent the item above for my review, all opinions are my own & no other compensation was received)

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