The Story Of Three: EVOL Foods Burrito Review

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

EVOL Foods Burrito Review

Big Brother C has experienced a variety of gluten free & all natural items over the years & as a family we have fallen in love with many brands & products, so we couldn't wait to find out more about EVOL & their all natural foods! 

EVOL is love backwards (if you didn't notice already) & was started by Tom & Brendan in 2009 when they merged with Phil, all sharing one thing in common, a little burrito love.

Along with all natural products, you can find gluten free foods at EVOL. They offer a variety of products like chipotle chicken quesadillas, truffle parmesan mac & cheese & so much more!

I was sent gluten free chicken & shredded beef burritos from EVOL, could it be true, an all natural delicious burrito? These are dairy free as well & contain 10G of fiber, my son loves burritos & these are easy to prepare, pull from the freezer, heat in the microwave & enjoy! He had no problem devouring the gluten free chicken so I'm sure he will love the beef as well, I think these would be great for school lunches as well!

What foods would you like to try from EVOL? Find EVOL in your local store or purchase online, stay connected with them on Facebook & Twitter!

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Julie Wood said...

There is a store called the Grocery Outlet where I live and they sold these in the summer for .99 cents each. I got a lot of these and I really like them because they are healthy and all natural.

VickeC said...

that really does look good,,id try this for sure,we are big burrito lovers here so id like to try them all

Ann Paquette-Lukens said...

I wish they had veggie gf options!

Puddles and Poop said...

I am very interested in what these burritos would taste like. I always loved eating these types of foods when I was younger but stopped when I got older and started realizing what I was putting in my body. However, these seem like they could work!

Erin K. (

Sunshine, Pumpkin, and Monkey-butt Designs said...

Burritos are delicious! And an added bonus: these are healthy! My son would love to have these as an after school snack, or for a quick lunch when he is working at the neighbors.

Kerri Hebard-Massey said...

I love seeing so many gluten-free foods on the market these days. Mexican food is my go-to for a quick GF treat, and it's great to see a ready-made option as well.

Heidi said...

I haven't tried burritos with my daughter, but this has made me want to give them a try! thanks!

javcat said...

I recently saw EVOL at the market and was wondering if they were gluten free or ? Are they organic, too?