The Story Of Three: Five Diapering Tips for New Moms By SmartMom

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Five Diapering Tips for New Moms By SmartMom

Five Diapering Tips for New Moms By SmartMom-You can cloth diaper...and use disposables! 

At times, it might seem like every other parent is cloth diapering, but you don't need to commit one way or another. If you're overwhelmed by even the though of transitioning to 24-7 fluff, consider using cloth diapers a few days a week -- you'll still cut down your disposable bill...and your carbon footprint. If you are already a cloth diapering family, don't feel bad about using disposables while you catch up on laundry over the weekend or when you take a family vacation to visit the grandparents. 

Assume your baby is going to fidget on the changing table. Changing diapers are challenging enough without worrying about your wriggly baby on the edge of a changing table. When possible, use the buckle or strap on the changing table to belt your baby in securely, which will prevent rolling over. Once your baby is mobile and engages in play, give your toddler something to play with while you change her diaper. Talking, singing and other play may also keep your baby from flailing while they stay engaged with you. 

You don't really need all the gear. Multiple diaper bags? Changing pad? Diaper bag that converts INTO a changing pad? Wipe warmer? Every registry list will suggest different necessities when it comes to changing your baby, but the bottom line is that you won't know what works best for your family until your baby arrives. If you're short on space, start with a changing pad and see if that works for you before buying a large sized changing table. Stock your nursery or changing area with a few basic baby products, but you don't pack a year's supply in case your baby is born with sensitive skin or an intolerance to a certain type of product. Going with the flow is an essential part of early parenthood -- and your diapering routine is no exception!

Keep your diaper bag packed. Most first-time moms will agree that going anywhere with the baby is no easy feat. Babies can't travel quite as lightly as adults can and there's nothing worse then running late to an appointment only to realize that you and the baby are ready -- but your diaper bag is not.

Always Bring a Spare. Whether you're cloth diapering or using disposables, you should always keeps at least one extra diaper and a change of clothes for your baby in your diaper bag when you're out and about. Some parents even suggest stashing a simple change of clothes for mom or dad -- you never know when a diaper blowout is going to sneak up on you.

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