The Story Of Three: Flashlight Friends Review

Monday, October 14, 2013

Flashlight Friends Review

My children sleep on the other side of the house & in their hallway they like to have a night light, when we first moved in we left the bathroom light on & would crack the door. They have gotten better & adjusted to the new house but my youngest, my daughter still likes to have a little bit of light in her room while she's falling asleep. 

I couldn't wait to introduce my daughter to Flashlight Friends, they are adorable new huggable, loveable plush animals that offer comfort & security at bedtime. 

Featuring a cool to the touch, soft glow LED flashlight that is built right in to the plush animals belly. Simply tap the tummy light twice to turn them on, there is even a 10 minute auto shut off. With Flashlight Friends, your child is never alone in the dark & this is one plush animal that probably will never leave their bed!

Available in Dragon, Penguin, Unicorn & Puppy styles, they also have a little loop in the back that allows little hands to carry them around with ease. Recommended for ages four & up, these do require 3 Triple A batteries, which are not included. 

Flashlight Friends would make a great Christmas gift & you can purchase them online for only $19.99! Stay connected with Flashlight Friends on Twitter!

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Julie Wood said...

What a great product and what a really nice stuffed animal to own. Kids will love this because they get to turn on a Flashlight and see with the light. My nephew would love one of these and they do not cost a lot of money.

Unknown said...

These are adorable! Abagail has a light up pillow that she never goes to bed without and I bet she would love these! Thank you, Mary Withrow

Anonymous said...

I love these! My favorite is the penguin, my daughter would love the unicorn

Anonymous said...

I love these! My favorite is the penguin, my daughter would love the unicorn

VickeC said...

I love these,,my grandkids would love them too,,some of them are afraid of the dark

karenmed409 said...

say a commercial recently and I think they are very cute.. I think it would be easier for the hands to turn it off and on.

Anonymous said...

These are so cute! My little guy would love one of these. I love that the flashlight is built right into the belly.

Mom0f3tm said...

I think these are awesome. I am hoping to get my kids each one. I like that they make your child feel secure and safe, and at the same time are a cute plush that becomes a friend. These are perfect for a cuddle buddy, and not only are they good for providing some light for children who are a little scared of the dark, but these are also perfect during black outs. Children will have light and at the same time their friend making them a little less stressed during those types of situations.